Friday, 22 February 2013

MK Company's Dinner 21/2/2013

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I wanna kill myself.

This is the day I've done the most mistakes in my working life. Um. Actually it started since yesterday. From preparing documents to submitting those documents and deployment. NONE OF THE PROCEDURES I'VE DONE CORRECTLY

Like that nevermind. I wanna kill myself more when we're at the restaurant where the company I'm working for organized the dinner.

Long story I didn't wanna repeat.

The dinner was at Maju Palace in Maju Junction Mall. We kinda lost in the mall coz it's really like a maze. Although not as bad as Sungei Wang.

The most important part - Lou Sang!
Photo credited to my new Philipino teammate (instagram here)

This is the 4th lou sang I had already. Please let my life go as smooth as possible. And a little good happenings to spice my life up. Ribuan terima kasih.

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