Sunday, 17 February 2013

MK Lunch Gang's Gathering

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Oops I skipped 2 entries dy.

Today we went to the house of my colleague to have potluck!
Food: 3 Dominoes pizza, onion rings, cheesy wedges, KFC, 3 Subway breakfast sandwiches, 2 Penang char kuey tiow, yee sang, siew yuk!
Drinks: 2 bottles of 1.5L softdrinks, 3 1L packet drinks and 6packets sugar cane

Very difficult to not gain weight lo.

My colleague's house got these big-headed stuff toys so cuuuute I can't resist taking picture with them!
With Yoyo & Cici and their daughter Cici Jr. while Tasya was with Blossom =)

Some candid shots before we start eating.
Yee Sang
Huat arr!

ps: Wah I lou sang for twice jor... Hopefully my life from this day onwards will get better la heee

Kinect Dance Central!

Kinect is sibeh cool! When I have my own house dy I sure will get one!!!

I get to play Guitar Hero 3 too but I lost coz I can't coordinate my fingers ahaha.

Coming we'll have BU CNY lunch, company dinner and another gathering at my CTO's house omgwtfbbq!
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