Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Movie Marathon WOOHOO!

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I haven't been able to donate blood since the first time I tried coz I either failed at the blood pressure or blood density.

Today since I have nothing to do (I forgot ahgor came to KL ahaha he better don't see this entry) I dragged sanjie and ahkit to go movie marathon with me~ That's where I saw the blood donation campaign!

We're suppose to watch 3 movies today leh but probably today's public holiday everyone went to watch New Year movies wtf the queue was so long as if people camped there to get the front seat for the movies wtf. Some somemore said doesn't matter what movies they have left, as long as they could watch something!

So plan changed lur. We watch 2 movies instead and used the time to have brunch. I brought ahkit to look around coz he couldn't make up his mind what to eat and we let sanjie queue for us, and that's how I found the campaign! :D

At first sanjie and ahkit kept telling me no need to go coz after we had our brunch we only have half an hour left, if I participate myself in this campaign then we might not be able to watch the movie in time... But something told me I have to do it! And yea I did it! :D
I forced sanjie to stay and take picture for me geh hee

So the these are the 2 movies we watched - Hotel Deluxe and Once Upon A Time!

Um. Better watch downloaded version la ha.
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