Sunday, 24 February 2013

Pokemon Nail Art

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I've been abandoning my blog. I actually have 4 entries pending! All about lousang lol wtf.

Why would I update those stuffs? BECAUSE F YOU THAT'S WHY. Lol no la. Coz my blog is about ME ma right! ME and MY STUFFS and MY LIFE wtf. I don't care imma be a hipster and post all the entries and tell you what we ate and what we did wtf. People also publish photos on Facebook about their food lo, so why can't I show you what I eat in my own freaking blog jek!

Anyway back to today's topic. Previously I painted penguins on my nails for belated Valentine's. And it got me quite a lot of attention! From BU team and CTO wtf *feeling good hehe*

But it's already one week, the paint started to chip off and it's still showing the crying ghost face :3 so I've decided to try out another design - Pokemon!

Googled and found this and immediately decided to paint Pokemon =)
Pika~ Pika~ Pika~CHU!
Why you look so weird
Pokeballs - Gonna catch'em all!

Why ah people can paint till so pretty and smooth while mine is so rough =( Amateur jiu shi amateur. Sigh.

Both times takes up only 4 hours... With some chatting in FB and WeChat la LOL yea I just downloaded WeChat in my phone and played with #soulmate just now wtf it was hilarious! She said it's like how taxi driver talk over the mic wtf HAHAHAHAHA rotflshmsfoaidmt!!!

Wait I got all the photos then I'll update the pending entries ok.
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