Thursday, 7 February 2013

Premiere Screening - A Good Day to Die Hard 6/2/2013

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This one whole day been to meeting non stop =( Things like forever can't finish aih.

Anyhow! Movie of the day! =)

Q: Who would you team up with to stop a nuclear disaster, and why?

Eh eh erjie also won leh! MY idea! Never knew I'm this creative huh.

Also I've won from Cinema Online! Bwahaha~

Lemon said he's not free so I had to ask Wei Sin to go with me She asked me if she could bring her cousin - Of course can la! I don't know who else to ask coz I have 4 tickets ahaha. #firstworldproblem

So altogether erjie and me had 6 tickets. She's bringing her bf while I brought 2 friends, there's an extra ticket so she asked her bf's sis to watch together. Nais anot? =)

Didn't know it's in TGV IMAX until we had a good look at the passes!

Man I tell you... TGV IMAX IS A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!! One word to summarize - Big!

During the starting of the movie, I was happily eating my caramelized popcorn - and the kid sitting beside me seemed to be unhappy and complained to his dad. All I could hear was the reply from the dad :"Ask JieJie to stop making noise la" wtf kena complained by a kid for munching too loud ='( Eh the popcorn was crispy la not my fault leh!

And then here comes the #major-facepalm scenario... After I've finished my popcorn, I sat still and watched the movie. Then my eyelids were getting heavier and heavier... AND I FREAKING DOZED OFF IN THE CINEMA!!! IN AN ACTION MOVIE - NOT ONCE, BUT A FEW TIMES!!! OMFG SO UNBELIEVABLE ಠ_ಠ

• - - - - - - - ๑ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ๑ - - - - - - - •

The first thing I did after reaching home is definitely to online la hehe... I read Tim's update on China Meme Proposal and I felt disgusted UGH!

It's exactly Tim's idea when he proposed to Aud!!! If I were the girl I might cry la coz ZOMG he's using meme to propose to me leh BUT nope can't do... I'll say no to the fella coz he didn't even bother to modify and just grabbed the whole idea to propose wtf this kind of thing can be so lazy de meh?! The first thing that flashed in my mind was to slap the guy coz he's so lazy to think of his own idea for the proposal hmph!

Aih old people can't stay up so late, gotta sleep dy... Night cuppycakes!
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