Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Premiere Screening - Journey To The West 5/2/2013

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This morning erjie made me lunch box #gasps SUPER DELICIOUS!

When I opened the lunchbox everyone went "WAAAAHHHHH" hahaha #proud ^_^

Pardon my look as if I haven't been sleeping for days...

Today's highlight!

Won from both Nuffnang and ChurpChurp ngehehe. #soulmate jelly die XD
Nuffnang Q: How you will help the famous Buddhist monk, Xuanzang and his four disciples to the west without all the hassles of fighting devils and overcome all problems ahead?
Churpremiere Q: If you were given a chance to fight with the Monkey King, what monster would you be and why?

But then! I couldn't find kaki to watch with me leh hmm so I let Lemon watch with his friends instead. Heard it had a lot of CG and not very nice. But eventually I'll watch it also la... Last time CZ12 ok ok only I also watched twice lo right.

Looking forward to tomorrow's movie! :D
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