Saturday, 9 February 2013

Some Gathering 9/2/2013

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I'm not quite sure how it's supposed to be named ahaha. Whatevs.

Look what I've found this morning in my company's pantry!
Bubble wrapper!!!
The legendary stress eliminator lol *pop*

This morning it rained adding to the gloomy state when everyone is in CNY mood and most of them has already taken leave *draw circle with finger in a corner*

This night I went to Kuan's house right after work coz we've planned to have a gathering before CNY (which is tonight) coz Jann is going to Japan on 1st of April and Kuan will start working soon and we might not have much time to gather!
Kuan posing with my dinner and her dessert

Will go back to mami's hometown for few days where it doesn't have internet connection so I'll update after I'm back! Departing later at 4am @@ Since there's still few more hours left, might as well just stay up then sleep in the car later... Somemore I haven't pack hee

Probably coming back on Tuesday hmm.

Ok la fellas...
Whoever wants blessings, HAVE A BLESSED SNAKE YEAR!
Whoever wants happiness, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Whoever wants wealth, GONG HEI FATT CHOY!

和谐和谐... 大家要学习呀!
(Peace ... Everyone must learn to live peacefully!)

Till then!
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