Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

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Today is my cousin's birthday leh hahaha sounds like it has nothing to do with my title.

In fact I don't think whatever I wrote following will have any relevance with today's occasion.

Anyhow still have to wish all SWEETIEPIES (coz #soulmate seems like not happy with "cuppycakes" wtf) A C-WEET C-WEET VALENTINE'S DAY later #soulmate said I kedekut rahmat (wtf my Malay also damn good weyh!) or being sour-grape coz I got no dates today #foreveralone.jpg

Yesterday I was trying to paint my nails with cute designs in conjunction with Valentine's Day but my nail polishes have been kept for too long most of it can't be paint smoothly anymore :(

Anyhow! Jann settled her stuffs sooner than she expected :D so we managed to hang out in the evening! ^_^ Since ahba WC also #foreveralone like us then I asked him out also hee

At first Jann suggested going to somewhere near Pavilion to have dinner but I was too tired (read: lazy) to walk over there ahaha so I forced them to dine in KLCC instead.

Ended up in Chinoz which I regretted coz the price of the food is sky-high =x
Chinoz on the Park
Snap a lot of photos but most are repetitive ones so in a summary these are what we had

After dinner, we walked around a bit and then when I saw Isetan, we have sudden realization that ForuChizu is right in the Isetan of the building we're walking - and we did searching for their corner!
Sorry ah we both are just like small fans getting excited just looking at their stuffs wtf.

I guess that wrapped up how we spent our Valentine's Day. Pity WC just followed us around doing nothing ^^"
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