Sunday, 31 March 2013


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OMFG it's supposed to be my weekly update but I couldn't find time to take pictures, upload, sort things out and update in the blog...

K lets see what updates I've got here...
1. Bought new laptop
2. Fake an MC and went to a job interview wtf
3. Premiere Screening for G.I. Joe (3D)
4. Final Appraisal (!!!)
5. Drove to Windows 8 workshop and slimming center - by myself!

And the most important one - TO STAY OR NOT TO STAY wtf.

OK to cut the story short... Yes I've passed my appraisal and yes the interview went well. Since it's the company who called me up instead I applied to their vacancy, I told them I'll need some time to "consider which job prospect that suits me most" wtf.

Yesterday I saw a friend's update about the some sort of fatal illness (aka cancer) wtf made me stopped and think about it awhile. There are people who're fighting with the death and yet I'm struggling with the decision on which company I should join.

Ok from now onwards I'll be more health conscious and spend more time with all my beloved. Speaking about this... Bizzy Body got this hormone therapy wor I'm thinking if I should sign up for that.

So which company I should go?!?!
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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Slimming Treatment 2 23/3/2013

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This morning mami came in to the room and said something and made me jumped coz I thought I'm late to work wtf.

At first yesterday Jann said wanna fetch 2 of her uni-mates and me to breakfast at the kopitiam near 3K for pan mee. Then she can take me to her house to setup/edit her blog template I was super looking forward to it leh coz I really don't know what to do with my blog template already haiz there I found an opportunity to play with xml/html/css but then she told me her mom had fallen sick so plan cancelled.

Off topic: I found this website that can convert html to xml for blogger!

So I slept till nearly 2pm when Lin called to tell me she's forgotten to remind me about our slimming treatment at 4pm later.

When I reached the slimming center, they took my weight first and I think I've lost 0.4kg for the past 3 weeks! :O

Today's session includes Catena padding (the therapist told me 30mins of this is equivalent to 2 hours of jogging :O), G5 (this is said to soften the fats in my body), ginseng wrap, infrared blanket, and aromatherapy hand treatment. After the treatments I lost another 0.4kg wtf.

Jann, please change your profession and invent slimming machines that guarantees no rebound I tell you this can earn sibeh lot of money wtf. And you get to have your own patented product wtf.

The end.
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Movie Day 22/3/2013

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Today I was supposed to watch Ah Boys to Men 2 (free ticket given by sanjie coz I helped her pack some stuffs and let papa to bring it to her hee) with Wei Sin but I'm afraid I have work to do so I cancelled it.

Then my colleagues asked us to go for a movie after work lol wtf. I don't mind la since I've already plan to have movie this night regardless of whom I'll watch with, what movie and what time I'm going to watch.

Turned out I managed to finish my work at 7pm.

And my colleagues walked to KLCC wtf why people around me so health conscious wan wtf.

Not bad leh quite funny and got some teary moments also #soulmate said she cried wtf need anot!

Then when I walked out to wait for papa to fetch me, I heard some screaming it seems like there's a concert going on out there.

Then only I realize it's the Twin Towers @Live!

I thought I didn't win the tickets but while I'm typing this entry I realize I didn't join any of the contests coz I knew no one will wanna watch the concert wtf.

Ok I've won the premiere screening for G.I. Joe Retaliation (3D somemore!) on this coming Tuesday (26/3/2013) at GSC Tropicana City Mall, who wants to go with me???
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Premiere Screening - Olympus Has Fallen 21/3/2013

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Today when I was working I received this sms from MyFM that I've won tickets for this premiere screening :O

Couldn't get anyone to watch this with me =( Erjie was still busy, Lemon sent his car for enhancement, Jann didn't want to go to Tropicana City Mall and even Wei Sin was busy with her stuffs I made mami to go with me fml.

And I have this reeeally bad habit of reading - I always stop reading further when I've got the rough idea.
This is what I read when I got the message
Collect *4 tickets* from MyFM at 21/3 8-830pm Tropicana City Mall GSC

When mami and I were there, I was surprised that I got 4 tickets! Mami gave me her phone and asked me to ask papa to bring KitKit over immediately wtf but papa said it was very jam so I asked #soulmate if she wanted to come wtf turned out her bf had exam the next day so she couldn't make it also.

Walaowey what a waste.

The movie was good la even mami didn't sleep in the cinema!

I checked my phone again after the movie coz I wanna check if they mentioned the number of tickets given or not (of course it does -_-)

OK ok I should start changing my bad habits already.
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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Meeting Wei Sin 15&16/3/2013

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Suddenly meeting Wei Sin for so many times.

On 15th, Wei Sin and Jann came to have dinner with me at KLCC. Coz Jann wanna try the Pavilion-KLCC walkway before she left Malaysia. They came to fetch me from my office somemore wtf :O

So we walked to KLCC (Felt like wanna die already walking from my office to KLCC x_x) and had our dinner at the food court, visited Kinokuniya bookstore and took a picture there wtf.
In front of the book shelve tagged "Travel" with books introducing Japan coz Jann will go to Japan soon

And they made me walked to Pavilion coz Wei Sin's car was parked near Imbi wtf (x_____x)

Wah dai lou. Friday leh I was carrying my laptop. What a good exercise.

So to reward myself, I had pop egg milk tea when we're in Pavilion wtf. Don't judge me thankkiu.

Off topic: I had that one moment I felt like wanna spend ALL my money. Bought a manual camera already. Also at the same time I bought a few UV light changing nail polishes and I love the effect!

Without UV (White)
With UV (Pink)

Jann picked me and we went out together hehe.

They've planned to have lunch at the Korean Village for quite some time already. At Restaurant Nak Won.
Picture found from Google coz I forgot to take a picture of it

You just have to order 1 main course and you'll have this many side dishes
We ordered marinated lamb

I've never eat lamb before coz I'm afraid it will have that gamy smell but Jann loves to eat lamb so I thought I could give it a try. Turned out not bad! :D

Wei Sin recommended. Sure won't go wrong heh

They have someone to help barbecue and cut the lamb somemore

And when the receipt came, we just have to pay RM45! No service/government tax! RM45 for 3 person is so worthwhile lor! :O

I think I have another option in my menu already hehe.
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Yin's Belated Birthday Celebration 14/3/2013

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It's Yin's birthday celebration!

We've come up with a few suggestions:
1. Watch sunrise on Broga Hill. With a picnic maybe?
2. Adventure in Skytrex!
3. Ice skating in Sunway Pyramid!
4. Dinner at Bumbu Bali

Since Kuan is not allowed to do extreme sports so option 2 is out. Then some are afraid of falling so option 3 is also out. So, to celebrate Yin's belated birthday, we've decided to go Broga Hill and have dinner at Bumbu Bali for Jann's farewell~ ♥

Who knows, plan changed coz it kept raining for these few days and it's quite dangerous to go to Broga Hill. Bumbu Bali is at Puchong, and it was peak hour. So they've decided to wait till I go back and have some dimsum and desserts instead.

Wah didn't eat dimsum for quite some time dy.

My peanut cream hehe

And time to give presents!

Fox sling bag
Which looks a lot like an owl wtf.

I liked it a lot! If it wasn't for Yin I'll definitely keep it for myself hee.

And our waterproof lomo cameras bought from Lazada~
From left to right: Pink (mine! ♥), White (Yin's and Jann's), Green (Kuan's)

(Check album here)

And I gave them tutorial on how to use manual camera wtf I'm old T_____T
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Premiere Screening - The Call 13/3/2013

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It's so freaking hard to find a movie buddy who is okay with horror movies. Who knows thriller also difficult.

Luckily I still have Wei Sin.

I was supposed to watch the Last Exorcism Part 2 on Monday. It's at such a nice place - Mid Valley somemore!
Q: A new chant you would create in order to exorcise someone.
I saw quite a number of people used JB lol

Aaand it's postponed to this Friday at e@Curve @#$%^&*()_+! 

Wtf! If need to pay money to watch one I don't know who else to ajak dy ='(

Sometimes life is such a jerk.

Nevermind this day I get to watch The Call. With Wei Sin too.
Q: How you would help the abducted victim escape from their kidnappers as an emergency call center operator?
Seriously. Just bite that fella's face/ear/neck until that chunk of flesh in your mouth is separated from the body. It's either he die, or you die. Don't forget to add a kick at the wound before you leave so the kidnapper won't have strength to follow you wtf. Geez I don't know if I could do that if I'm the victim wtf.

[spoiler: highlight text to reveal] Jordan shouldn't redial to the first victim. She should have know the call is made from the house phone! Leia also dumb wan. She should've left the phone rang and pretend she's already escaped. Another of the lesson learnt: Check fb more often wtf. Honestly, when Casey is kidnapped and kept in the car trunk, I immediately think of kicking the backlight out and wave the hand like mad to attract attentions. It's shared on fb long long time ago! And and and make use of everything you can reach - in this case, pour paint to make trails so the police can trace the kidnapper! But one thing erjie noticed is that, since Casey found a shovel, she should have knock the kidnapper out with it! Shove it right at his weakness!!! Damn he used the shovel to kill another victim wtf. [spoiler ends]

It's kinda funny to see people around me got all curled up and jumped while I kept eating my popcorn LOL omg I'm really broken.
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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Worst Day Ever 9/3/2013

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This day I was supposed to go to my second slimming treatment. But Lin called me and told me our consultant took emergency leave so our appointments are postponed. @@ K lo fine I thought I can have lunch with Yin in The Mines.

Hell no. We're FORCED to go to KL.

It's very freaking dulan when adults mess up themselves and what's more dulan is that they involve their own freaking kids into their mess.

And thanks friends for showing your concern but don't judge me for doing nothing coz you have no idea what happened in the past.

Sometimes I felt envious to erjie coz she's literally staying with her bf and can get away from the mess. And sanjie too coz she's staying outside. I kinda wish to still staying in Labuan but I'm not sure if that's a good idea since Sabah is under attack now.

I felt like one day I'll runaway from home like teens wtf.
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First Deployment 8/3/2013

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It was my first deployment and I cannot understand why it just won't go smoothly. Still not done yet until today!


Saddestestest case ever. I felt like wanna die. It was my first time staying so long in the company. Until 10pm!!!

Colleagues are good la asked me to be careful and somemore buy me food #touched wtf.

Argh please close case before I gone crazy
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Random Movie: Jack and the Giant Slayer 7/3/2013

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I was supposed to watch Dead Man Down at Tropicana City Mall on the day before but I couldn't find movie buddy =( I've won 4 tickets for Sing Your Song in Pavilion so I gave to Jann and she asked Wei Sin together (that movie turned out to be a boring documentary wtf SORREE PAL!!!) Erjie was busy doing her reports and Lemon's car wasn't available so I gave up that movie T_T

Q: How you would get your revenge on the person who has once created trouble in your life?
Beware when I started to look for a house with basement. I'm a psychopath

Felt so imbalance so I watched Jack the Giant Slayer with a colleague.

I saw #soulmate's bf said it was bad, but... I think it's ok wor. She couldn't believe it and asked if we watched the same movie lolol. Eh dude I didn't say it's very nice la. I said it was "okay", ok.

And I just realized my Hello Kitty phone has no Swype function and Chinese language input zzz. Sad case.
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Big Day with Premiere Screening - Oz: The Great and Powerful 5/3/2013

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Sorry sweetiepies I haven't been updating my blog. It's a critical period for me right now.

But looking at my drafted entries I felt like I have to update one or two, otherwise if it's dragged for too long, it'll end up like #soulmate's empty convo entries. Human tend to forget very fast. (yea #soulmate I'm picking on you again where's the rest of your Project 365!)

Well... It was my big day and I didn't pass it. So some advice from my colleague is that I shall cut down my online activities and work more.

Someone's advice more yeng asked me to tear confirmation letter HAHA badass anot!

But I also badass ok! I'm still updating blog here!

During lunch hour on this day I didn't wanna see my colleagues coz I'll have pressure PLUS I need to get my Bullet To The Head prize so I went to Nuffnang's office.

Q: If you had to work with an enemy to get revenge, would you do it, and why?
Contest here
Did I miscomprehend the question? Coz now that I read my answer, it sounds like I didn't understand it at all @@ But anyhow... I've got 3rd prize leh!
Purposely went to Nuffnang's office to get this Bullet to the Head necklace...

It's been a long time since I won a premiere screening. The last time was... One month ago! Fuh that long @@ Thanks to #soulmate, I get to watch Oz with Jann! (Ok soree #soulmate that I picked on you. Please win more tickets in Mid Valley and give it to me thanks wtf)

Met Diana and she got First Prize! O_O That iPhone 4 case looked very yeng leh.

It was very strict leh we had to deposit our devices before entering the cinema... Tim said it was because we watched it before it's released in US whoa! (#121)

Saw Tim and Aud in cinema and we both were so excited like don't know what wtf ok it was me only but I die also wanna drag Jann :p This is what friends are for right wtf!

[spoiler: highlight texts to reveal] I tell you hor. When Oz were introduced to the good people of Quadlings, Tinkers and Munchkins, I've already have that idea of asking them to create stuffs to intimidate the bad witches. So... Oz is not very clever also ha. Then hor. Both Theodora (Mila Kunis) and Evanora (Rachel Weisz) eventually turned into ugly bad witches. But Theodora is not really ugly lor. She's just having a crooked nose, green skin color and pointed chin... Unlike Evanora she has a big zit on her nose, wrinkled skins and her hair turned grey. Typical ugly bad witch. Somemore Theodora have no own opinion wan. Oz just commented that in his point of view, witches should fly on a broomstick. And when Theodora turned bad, she really got herself a flying broom. Waddafuq. And no, Oz didn't turn into unicorn. No unicorns were involved in this movie.

Till then!
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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Slimming Treatment 1

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First of all...


At first we're supposed to celebrate with her but we couldn't decide till last minute yesternight and her bf had a plan to celebrate with her dy so plan (makan at Bumbu Bali) cancelled hee

Ok so in case you didn't stalk me at my FB, Lin shared this Groupon deal to me on the 19th last month

2 person for RM120! For 5 visits! Got 17 treatments. Click image to see!

Oh boy oh boy
My transformation gonna start soon

Sorry ah I'm not paid to promote their service also because I don't have sidekick so I don't have photos taken during my treatments ^^"

And then hor... After a series of consultation... I was suggested with some additional treatments... Then I thought since I'm engaging their service might as well just continue using their treatments la aaaaand I signed up for RM600 treatments wtf (I know #facepalm) BUT it's gonna last till next month!!! Also because I'm not a patience person to work out that long and wait for the results so yea this is my way la. I will keep my weight longer if I spend money wtf.

I know what to write for my Project 365 dy! My slimming journey wtf!

Ok so after that Jann picked me to watch this BMW Malaysian Open Tennis Match! :D (Schedule here)

Need to park at the open space parking beside RHB bank for RM5 per entry! They'll have shuttle van to bring visitors to/fro the destination =)
At the entrance of the tennis match!

We went at the wrong time - 4pm! It was fking hot under the sun we just can't stop sweating wtf so uncomfortable wtf wtf. Left after watching half an hour of the match wtf.
Tomorrow is the grand finale! And prize giving ceremony! Papa and mami going! Well since I'm not going I have 2 tickets extra geh... Somemore it's season pass so don't have to worry that it's unable to use ngehehe. #soulmate you want anot!

And then hor we went to Levain to have cakes wtf OH MY 0.7KG WTF I somemore can foresee that erjie will scold me again LOL coz she said wanted to go to Levain too but then I went twice without her and after today I must record what I eat everyday for slimming purposes wtf. Nevermind I still can have their bread geh xD
The "OCCUPIED" tag for you to put on the table of your choice when you're away choosing your patisserie =)
Creme Brulee
Clockwise from left: Chocolate Souffle, Caramel Nut Danish, Hokkaido Cheese Souffle
ZOMG 每吃一口都有要飞上天那种幸福的感觉
Le Sultan
Not recommended if you're already full. Kinda nyiak
New York Cheesecake

I'm still considering whether to go for movie(s) tomorrow since papa and mami going for the tennis match. Who's on?
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