Sunday, 24 March 2013

Movie Day 22/3/2013

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Today I was supposed to watch Ah Boys to Men 2 (free ticket given by sanjie coz I helped her pack some stuffs and let papa to bring it to her hee) with Wei Sin but I'm afraid I have work to do so I cancelled it.

Then my colleagues asked us to go for a movie after work lol wtf. I don't mind la since I've already plan to have movie this night regardless of whom I'll watch with, what movie and what time I'm going to watch.

Turned out I managed to finish my work at 7pm.

And my colleagues walked to KLCC wtf why people around me so health conscious wan wtf.

Not bad leh quite funny and got some teary moments also #soulmate said she cried wtf need anot!

Then when I walked out to wait for papa to fetch me, I heard some screaming it seems like there's a concert going on out there.

Then only I realize it's the Twin Towers @Live!

I thought I didn't win the tickets but while I'm typing this entry I realize I didn't join any of the contests coz I knew no one will wanna watch the concert wtf.

Ok I've won the premiere screening for G.I. Joe Retaliation (3D somemore!) on this coming Tuesday (26/3/2013) at GSC Tropicana City Mall, who wants to go with me???
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