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Premiere Screening - The Call 13/3/2013

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It's so freaking hard to find a movie buddy who is okay with horror movies. Who knows thriller also difficult.

Luckily I still have Wei Sin.

I was supposed to watch the Last Exorcism Part 2 on Monday. It's at such a nice place - Mid Valley somemore!
Q: A new chant you would create in order to exorcise someone.
I saw quite a number of people used JB lol

Aaand it's postponed to this Friday at e@Curve @#$%^&*()_+! 

Wtf! If need to pay money to watch one I don't know who else to ajak dy ='(

Sometimes life is such a jerk.

Nevermind this day I get to watch The Call. With Wei Sin too.
Q: How you would help the abducted victim escape from their kidnappers as an emergency call center operator?
Seriously. Just bite that fella's face/ear/neck until that chunk of flesh in your mouth is separated from the body. It's either he die, or you die. Don't forget to add a kick at the wound before you leave so the kidnapper won't have strength to follow you wtf. Geez I don't know if I could do that if I'm the victim wtf.

[spoiler: highlight text to reveal] Jordan shouldn't redial to the first victim. She should have know the call is made from the house phone! Leia also dumb wan. She should've left the phone rang and pretend she's already escaped. Another of the lesson learnt: Check fb more often wtf. Honestly, when Casey is kidnapped and kept in the car trunk, I immediately think of kicking the backlight out and wave the hand like mad to attract attentions. It's shared on fb long long time ago! And and and make use of everything you can reach - in this case, pour paint to make trails so the police can trace the kidnapper! But one thing erjie noticed is that, since Casey found a shovel, she should have knock the kidnapper out with it! Shove it right at his weakness!!! Damn he used the shovel to kill another victim wtf. [spoiler ends]

It's kinda funny to see people around me got all curled up and jumped while I kept eating my popcorn LOL omg I'm really broken.
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