Sunday, 24 March 2013

Premiere Screening - Olympus Has Fallen 21/3/2013

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Today when I was working I received this sms from MyFM that I've won tickets for this premiere screening :O

Couldn't get anyone to watch this with me =( Erjie was still busy, Lemon sent his car for enhancement, Jann didn't want to go to Tropicana City Mall and even Wei Sin was busy with her stuffs I made mami to go with me fml.

And I have this reeeally bad habit of reading - I always stop reading further when I've got the rough idea.
This is what I read when I got the message
Collect *4 tickets* from MyFM at 21/3 8-830pm Tropicana City Mall GSC

When mami and I were there, I was surprised that I got 4 tickets! Mami gave me her phone and asked me to ask papa to bring KitKit over immediately wtf but papa said it was very jam so I asked #soulmate if she wanted to come wtf turned out her bf had exam the next day so she couldn't make it also.

Walaowey what a waste.

The movie was good la even mami didn't sleep in the cinema!

I checked my phone again after the movie coz I wanna check if they mentioned the number of tickets given or not (of course it does -_-)

OK ok I should start changing my bad habits already.
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