Sunday, 17 March 2013

Random Movie: Jack and the Giant Slayer 7/3/2013

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I was supposed to watch Dead Man Down at Tropicana City Mall on the day before but I couldn't find movie buddy =( I've won 4 tickets for Sing Your Song in Pavilion so I gave to Jann and she asked Wei Sin together (that movie turned out to be a boring documentary wtf SORREE PAL!!!) Erjie was busy doing her reports and Lemon's car wasn't available so I gave up that movie T_T

Q: How you would get your revenge on the person who has once created trouble in your life?
Beware when I started to look for a house with basement. I'm a psychopath

Felt so imbalance so I watched Jack the Giant Slayer with a colleague.

I saw #soulmate's bf said it was bad, but... I think it's ok wor. She couldn't believe it and asked if we watched the same movie lolol. Eh dude I didn't say it's very nice la. I said it was "okay", ok.

And I just realized my Hello Kitty phone has no Swype function and Chinese language input zzz. Sad case.
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