Saturday, 2 March 2013

Slimming Treatment 1

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First of all...


At first we're supposed to celebrate with her but we couldn't decide till last minute yesternight and her bf had a plan to celebrate with her dy so plan (makan at Bumbu Bali) cancelled hee

Ok so in case you didn't stalk me at my FB, Lin shared this Groupon deal to me on the 19th last month

2 person for RM120! For 5 visits! Got 17 treatments. Click image to see!

Oh boy oh boy
My transformation gonna start soon

Sorry ah I'm not paid to promote their service also because I don't have sidekick so I don't have photos taken during my treatments ^^"

And then hor... After a series of consultation... I was suggested with some additional treatments... Then I thought since I'm engaging their service might as well just continue using their treatments la aaaaand I signed up for RM600 treatments wtf (I know #facepalm) BUT it's gonna last till next month!!! Also because I'm not a patience person to work out that long and wait for the results so yea this is my way la. I will keep my weight longer if I spend money wtf.

I know what to write for my Project 365 dy! My slimming journey wtf!

Ok so after that Jann picked me to watch this BMW Malaysian Open Tennis Match! :D (Schedule here)

Need to park at the open space parking beside RHB bank for RM5 per entry! They'll have shuttle van to bring visitors to/fro the destination =)
At the entrance of the tennis match!

We went at the wrong time - 4pm! It was fking hot under the sun we just can't stop sweating wtf so uncomfortable wtf wtf. Left after watching half an hour of the match wtf.
Tomorrow is the grand finale! And prize giving ceremony! Papa and mami going! Well since I'm not going I have 2 tickets extra geh... Somemore it's season pass so don't have to worry that it's unable to use ngehehe. #soulmate you want anot!

And then hor we went to Levain to have cakes wtf OH MY 0.7KG WTF I somemore can foresee that erjie will scold me again LOL coz she said wanted to go to Levain too but then I went twice without her and after today I must record what I eat everyday for slimming purposes wtf. Nevermind I still can have their bread geh xD
The "OCCUPIED" tag for you to put on the table of your choice when you're away choosing your patisserie =)
Creme Brulee
Clockwise from left: Chocolate Souffle, Caramel Nut Danish, Hokkaido Cheese Souffle
ZOMG 每吃一口都有要飞上天那种幸福的感觉
Le Sultan
Not recommended if you're already full. Kinda nyiak
New York Cheesecake

I'm still considering whether to go for movie(s) tomorrow since papa and mami going for the tennis match. Who's on?
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