Sunday, 24 March 2013

Slimming Treatment 2 23/3/2013

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This morning mami came in to the room and said something and made me jumped coz I thought I'm late to work wtf.

At first yesterday Jann said wanna fetch 2 of her uni-mates and me to breakfast at the kopitiam near 3K for pan mee. Then she can take me to her house to setup/edit her blog template I was super looking forward to it leh coz I really don't know what to do with my blog template already haiz there I found an opportunity to play with xml/html/css but then she told me her mom had fallen sick so plan cancelled.

Off topic: I found this website that can convert html to xml for blogger!

So I slept till nearly 2pm when Lin called to tell me she's forgotten to remind me about our slimming treatment at 4pm later.

When I reached the slimming center, they took my weight first and I think I've lost 0.4kg for the past 3 weeks! :O

Today's session includes Catena padding (the therapist told me 30mins of this is equivalent to 2 hours of jogging :O), G5 (this is said to soften the fats in my body), ginseng wrap, infrared blanket, and aromatherapy hand treatment. After the treatments I lost another 0.4kg wtf.

Jann, please change your profession and invent slimming machines that guarantees no rebound I tell you this can earn sibeh lot of money wtf. And you get to have your own patented product wtf.

The end.
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