Sunday, 31 March 2013


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OMFG it's supposed to be my weekly update but I couldn't find time to take pictures, upload, sort things out and update in the blog...

K lets see what updates I've got here...
1. Bought new laptop
2. Fake an MC and went to a job interview wtf
3. Premiere Screening for G.I. Joe (3D)
4. Final Appraisal (!!!)
5. Drove to Windows 8 workshop and slimming center - by myself!

And the most important one - TO STAY OR NOT TO STAY wtf.

OK to cut the story short... Yes I've passed my appraisal and yes the interview went well. Since it's the company who called me up instead I applied to their vacancy, I told them I'll need some time to "consider which job prospect that suits me most" wtf.

Yesterday I saw a friend's update about the some sort of fatal illness (aka cancer) wtf made me stopped and think about it awhile. There are people who're fighting with the death and yet I'm struggling with the decision on which company I should join.

Ok from now onwards I'll be more health conscious and spend more time with all my beloved. Speaking about this... Bizzy Body got this hormone therapy wor I'm thinking if I should sign up for that.

So which company I should go?!?!
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