Friday, 26 April 2013

Premiere Screening - Iron Man 3 25/4/2013

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I forgot to mention that last Thursday I went out to have lunch with WC and JC lololol. I think that's how I fall sick.

I was the biggest idiot in the world la I totally forgotten that I've took back the flats back home -_- I wore my 6 incher to work wtf. Then during lunch hour I couldn't find my flats to change so I had to walk to Wisma Central with my heels wtf wtf. But still I cannot tahan I asked them to change place to the Chinese temple ahaha ^^"

Like that nevermind lo. It was kinda cloudy so we went back first. I was halfway at Menara Citibank then it started to rain wtf. Wanna run back also cannot wtf T___T Ok lo like that nevermind. When I reach Ampang Park LRT tnb the rain was getting heavier wtf can't even walk in the rain anymore coz definitely will fall sick (what's the difference now I'm sick also aih)

I had to stop a couple who's heading to GTower Sisters for lunch and coincidentally they had 1 umbrella extra wtf I followed them to GTower then I had to borrow an umbrella from a staff working in GTower to walk back to my office and return her the umbrella after work.

So I was not feeling well lo. Caught cold and keep coughing I think my liver also gonna cough out wtf T_____T

Then hor si Lemon warned me to not cough in the cinema today wtf coz it's very annoying that someone keep coughing when you're watching a movie especially the movie is good. Like Iron Man 3.

Not bad ma at least my blog post won me this tattoo and sticker lol wtf

K fine I think I kinda control myself very well also ma wtf. During the whole movie I coughed for less than 5 times leh *proud*

Robert Downey Jr. sibeh yeng leh zomfg I know why the world got so crazy about him dy wtf

One of the best movie I've watched so far wtf. The cinema was strict! Asked us not to even GLANCE at the phone for time or check on the message wtf. Scared we record on the movie waa. Why don't they just keep our phone at outside and return to us when it's ended like how Tropicana City Mall handled -_-

Papa helped me collect my overdue prizes!
Life of Pi FB contest!
The complimentary tickets were valid till end of Feb -___-
1 x Limited Edition Life Of Pi Ceramic Mug
1 x Limited Edition Life Of Pi Pashmina
1 x Limited Edition Life Of Pi Gold Poster
2 x GSC Complimentary Passes

At least something useful here - the mug and Pashmina wtf.

K the reason why you see this post is because I MC wtf. Cough until cannot talk dy T___T Kthxbai.
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Random Movie: Oblivion 22/4/2013

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Yin ajak me to movie leh!

Took train and bus to reach The Mines then I looked at the time wrongly somemore -_- We planned to watch the 9.50pm slot so when my phone shows 2050 I kinda ganjiong wtf I thought it's time already -_-|||

Then Yin told me she just came out from her house made me more ganjiong wtf I thought I have no time to have dinner already so I went to buy the TGV Iron Man 3 combo - popcorn and softdrink in Iron Man 3 tumbler!

Then after awhile I was like. Tak betul la. Recalculate the time then only realize it's just 9pm -_______-

Not bad la the movie can watch can watch lol...
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekly Updates

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Last week was quite a happening week wtf. Sanjie and I were supposed to watch movie in KLCC on Tuesday coz papa and mami had a conference nearby. But there're no movies available (which I haven't watch) so we went to Times Square to get my Umobile number hee. Pity sanjie accompanying me for such a long journey.

While on our way to Times Square, erjie called and said she couldn't contact papa and mami to ask for help coz her car broke down (actually is mami's lo she went to stay at her bf's house then take mai the car hmph every Saturday have to wait for her to come back with the car hmph hmph #grumpy)

Then right after I got my number papa and mami called us to leave and rescue erjie.

I didn't know what happened la didn't really bothered to know wtf I slept in the car while they fixed the problem.

Thursday morning I cincai updated a blog 《Iron Man 3: My Way》at 6am+ lol coz Lemon's been bugging me to get free tickets to watch Iron Man 3 premiere screening wtf. That post was his idea somemore ahaha.

It's been so long since I watch movies... All the premiere screenings are so far away at 1 Utama, Tropicana City Mall, Paradigm Mall... Wanna find movie buddy also difficult aih. That's why even Iron Man 3 has premiere screening I didn't participate also coz it's in 1 Utama. But now people ajak me to the movie leh! Hohoho... Different story XD

还真的给我拿到 leh wtf! 不是盖的 lol...

Yesterday I was sick sick dei having headache and sore throat so I went to check for the car and didn't see it so I asked erjie will she come back. Then I called her coz she didn't reply me. Then said me rage her 7 early 8 early waa wtf it's around 11am leh how is that 7 early 8 early! Somemore I just added a few more question marks at the back of my question ny! But no difference la at the end it turned out the car was sent back for repairment wtf.

Btw... I've cut my hair short! But can't see people yet la the first few days after cutting the hair... I'll show after a few days later la ahaha coz I don't think it's nice also T.T

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

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Nuffnang contest

I'd customize the Iron Man suit to cater for women's market - namely Iron Woman! (shit I'm so damn un-creative wtf)

You see, Tony Stark's beloved was attacked because she has no ability to protect herself... Making him so so heartbreaking wtf. If I could come up with a suit specially designed for women, then every ladies can protect themselves!

The suit is designed to be able to keep in the shoes and is triggered via button, stored either in earrings, shirt button, or even handphones. When bad guys approach, the lady can immediately press and hold on the button to activate Iron Woman suit and enter combat response, similar to the comic strips below:
Picture found from Google

Useful not!!! Now with this suit, not only the ladies can protect themselves - they can protect their love ones too!
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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note II PINK!!!!! 10/9/2013

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Despite that I've bought 2 pairs of new shoes which I claimed to be my birthday presents wtf.


OK I wanna clarify a bit. People been misunderstood that it was a gift by my friend coz he helped buying the phone and keep telling me my birthday present will reach a day after my birthday. And then hor my colleague said I'm idiot coz I kept it in the box without having it tested. Eh it loses its value once it's got out of the box! #nerd/#geek wtf.

Nah! I'm no longer an idiot!



Too bad it needs microsim so Imma get a new number so I can use both this and Hello Kitty phone together.

ps: You blow ah? XD
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pre Birthday Dinner 8/4/2013

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At first hor I asked Yin and Kuan to join to sing k geh. But then both of them have their own stuffs to do so had to postpone lol wtf.

But good also la they only have 3 mics and we already have 4 person... adding in another 2 more person then not sure if everyone can sing as much as we could lor :p

So this day Yin and Kuan decided to celebrate my birthday with Sushi King Bonanza! *woots woots*


Super nais leh~

Too bad Jann wasn't here lor... Miss you leh babe!!! Hang in there in Japan! You'll get the hang of it!!! =)

Aww I love my jimuis <333
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Pre Birthday Celebration 6/4/2013

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It's one of my best birthdays!

Crazy family went to sing k (only ahjie is not around aiks) for 4.5 hours!!!

We sing~
And eat~
Ahdi ate her noodles, gobbled my fries, drank 2 bowls of soups and 2 bowls of yimai-tongsui wtf... Were you there to eat or sing?!?!

And then the song changed to birthday song suddenly wtf
Celebrated for Jann in Kbox, never thought mine also will be here...

Then hor! Takkan went to sing k only ma... We went shopping as well heees ♥

At first I thought wanna buy pants geh but then the clothes are so expensive la. Somemore they're all for skinny boney girls wan wtf hmph!

Then I saw a half-price discount on this heels wtf GORGEOUS MOU YOU SAY LA!
RM35 only!!!
And these

But kinda expensive... RM62 after 10% discount leh :3

My Becky side emerged again wtf.

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Premiere Screening - The Host 3/4/2013

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I'm on fire, man!

6 movie tickets for The Host WOOHOO! 2 from Nuffnang and another 4 from MyFM ngehehe.

Q: How you would avoid being caught by a Seeker if you thought you were the last human alive?

I brought papa mami and sanjie only coz it's very inconvenient to fetch ahkit from home and erjie said she's not free zzz.


Well as it turned out... I don't think it's a good one but at least it's a better love story than Twilight la wtf how come Stephenie Meyer likes to write romance story between human and non human ah!

I'd rather watch downloaded version (shhh...!) coz the movie was cut from 18sx to PG13 wtf.
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Premiere Screening - Ghost Child 2/4/2013

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Nuffnang premiere screening - HORROR MOVIE!!!!!

I finally found out why I don't really scared when I watch horror movie!!! I inherited mami! She won't feel scared when she watch horror movie! WHOA!
Q: What you would do if you faced a “ghost child” yourself?

But hor... I dragged papa to go with me ahaha... No one wanna be my movie buddy for horror movie lar :3

This movie ok la not very scary :p
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April Fool 1/4/2013

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Upon removing my nail polish last night, my nails have become so yellowish that it looks like my nails are going to die soon wtf.

Since it's April Fool Day I tried to cheat people by saying I'm having liver problem wtf but failed miserably.

But fingernails do reflects liver problem! Go Google it yourself.

Lucky me I didn't get pranked this year ahaha
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Saturday, 6 April 2013

当父母不在家 29-31/3/2013

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This is like some primary school Chinese essay title: When my parents are not at home wtf.

They went back to Kota Bahru for ChingMing. Erjie had to fetch me on Friday night and stay home.

Side note: I've passed my interview on Monday 25/3/2013 and I've also passed my appraisal on Thursday 28/3/2013! So I was kind of in a dilemma whether I should stay or leave... But my parents weren't around I can't ask for opinions and I have to give the final answer on coming Monday already =(

I had this Windows 8 workshop on this day coz I bought the laptop then the staffs arranged this workshop for new users and I drove to KL - BY MYSELF!!!

WHOA thank goodness there's no emergency wtf!

Then in the afternoon, I drove to The Mines for my slimming treatment! This day I tried on the E-Synergy machine which they claimed to be able to reduce the size of my body parts wtf. Results is that I managed to reduce 1cm at all of my body parts - arms, legs and tummy and it happened to be more than 16cm altogether wtf (yea right reduce up to 10cm. Addition of all parts instead of 1 wtf). OK end of story don't be judgmental thanks.

We woke up quite late hee our first meal was dinner coz we had to go to the airport to fetch my parents ahaha But erjie very geng! She drove papa's Altis to fetch them! I only dare to drive Kelisa ahaha.

So the conclusion is, when my parents are not at home, ahkit will die of hunger. LOL. That's why lo I've been saying, guys have to do house chores too. See, when he's hungry, he can only wait for us to cook for him. And when we don't, he'll just starve himself. Tsk tsk tsk.
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Premiere Screening - G.I. Joe: Retaliation (3D) 26/3/2013

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Another premiere screening from Nuffnang!

Q: If you had the chance to be a clone of someone, who would you be and why?
He should bless me with more C knowledge wtf

But sibeh sien la none of my friends are available Tried to give it out to people also no one wants (actually I tried to sell it out first but it probably has turn them off so when I said I'm giving the tickets out no one wanted anymore T.T)

Don't want to waste the tickets so I made papa to go with me ahaha... The seats were not very good, it might be better if we didn't go watch. Coz we're sitting at the side, we couldn't see clearly even with the 3D glasses on... When we took out the glasses, the screen was kind of blur coz it's meant for 3D right. Haiz.

It's supposed to be a good movie lor.
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New Laptop! 24/3/2013

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Sorry sweetiepies... I'm back!

So I was saying my laptop spoiled right... The screen just died. So I thought I could have buy a new one since the old one has passed its warranty period. I was informed by my colleague that there'll be a promotion on Dell laptops from March 18th till 24th.

I've forgotten about it until I *think* I need a laptop for the interview held on the next day.

Still, I didn't bring my laptop coz I haven't done configuring it yet - it can't be connected to my house wifi wtf @@ Apparently Microsoft removed the Shared WEP option from wifi settings I had to change my router settings and my whole family complained that they had to change their wifi because of me T___T

Anyway - First blog post via Win8 touch screen laptop!

Here's how my baby looks like:
Image found from Google Image search

RM2499! Comes with accessories! Fuh!

Kthxbai gotta further explore my baby!
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