Saturday, 6 April 2013

当父母不在家 29-31/3/2013

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This is like some primary school Chinese essay title: When my parents are not at home wtf.

They went back to Kota Bahru for ChingMing. Erjie had to fetch me on Friday night and stay home.

Side note: I've passed my interview on Monday 25/3/2013 and I've also passed my appraisal on Thursday 28/3/2013! So I was kind of in a dilemma whether I should stay or leave... But my parents weren't around I can't ask for opinions and I have to give the final answer on coming Monday already =(

I had this Windows 8 workshop on this day coz I bought the laptop then the staffs arranged this workshop for new users and I drove to KL - BY MYSELF!!!

WHOA thank goodness there's no emergency wtf!

Then in the afternoon, I drove to The Mines for my slimming treatment! This day I tried on the E-Synergy machine which they claimed to be able to reduce the size of my body parts wtf. Results is that I managed to reduce 1cm at all of my body parts - arms, legs and tummy and it happened to be more than 16cm altogether wtf (yea right reduce up to 10cm. Addition of all parts instead of 1 wtf). OK end of story don't be judgmental thanks.

We woke up quite late hee our first meal was dinner coz we had to go to the airport to fetch my parents ahaha But erjie very geng! She drove papa's Altis to fetch them! I only dare to drive Kelisa ahaha.

So the conclusion is, when my parents are not at home, ahkit will die of hunger. LOL. That's why lo I've been saying, guys have to do house chores too. See, when he's hungry, he can only wait for us to cook for him. And when we don't, he'll just starve himself. Tsk tsk tsk.
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