Saturday, 6 April 2013

New Laptop! 24/3/2013

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Sorry sweetiepies... I'm back!

So I was saying my laptop spoiled right... The screen just died. So I thought I could have buy a new one since the old one has passed its warranty period. I was informed by my colleague that there'll be a promotion on Dell laptops from March 18th till 24th.

I've forgotten about it until I *think* I need a laptop for the interview held on the next day.

Still, I didn't bring my laptop coz I haven't done configuring it yet - it can't be connected to my house wifi wtf @@ Apparently Microsoft removed the Shared WEP option from wifi settings I had to change my router settings and my whole family complained that they had to change their wifi because of me T___T

Anyway - First blog post via Win8 touch screen laptop!

Here's how my baby looks like:
Image found from Google Image search

RM2499! Comes with accessories! Fuh!

Kthxbai gotta further explore my baby!
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