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Premiere Screening - Iron Man 3 25/4/2013

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I forgot to mention that last Thursday I went out to have lunch with WC and JC lololol. I think that's how I fall sick.

I was the biggest idiot in the world la I totally forgotten that I've took back the flats back home -_- I wore my 6 incher to work wtf. Then during lunch hour I couldn't find my flats to change so I had to walk to Wisma Central with my heels wtf wtf. But still I cannot tahan I asked them to change place to the Chinese temple ahaha ^^"

Like that nevermind lo. It was kinda cloudy so we went back first. I was halfway at Menara Citibank then it started to rain wtf. Wanna run back also cannot wtf T___T Ok lo like that nevermind. When I reach Ampang Park LRT tnb the rain was getting heavier wtf can't even walk in the rain anymore coz definitely will fall sick (what's the difference now I'm sick also aih)

I had to stop a couple who's heading to GTower Sisters for lunch and coincidentally they had 1 umbrella extra wtf I followed them to GTower then I had to borrow an umbrella from a staff working in GTower to walk back to my office and return her the umbrella after work.

So I was not feeling well lo. Caught cold and keep coughing I think my liver also gonna cough out wtf T_____T

Then hor si Lemon warned me to not cough in the cinema today wtf coz it's very annoying that someone keep coughing when you're watching a movie especially the movie is good. Like Iron Man 3.

Not bad ma at least my blog post won me this tattoo and sticker lol wtf

K fine I think I kinda control myself very well also ma wtf. During the whole movie I coughed for less than 5 times leh *proud*

Robert Downey Jr. sibeh yeng leh zomfg I know why the world got so crazy about him dy wtf

One of the best movie I've watched so far wtf. The cinema was strict! Asked us not to even GLANCE at the phone for time or check on the message wtf. Scared we record on the movie waa. Why don't they just keep our phone at outside and return to us when it's ended like how Tropicana City Mall handled -_-

Papa helped me collect my overdue prizes!
Life of Pi FB contest!
The complimentary tickets were valid till end of Feb -___-
1 x Limited Edition Life Of Pi Ceramic Mug
1 x Limited Edition Life Of Pi Pashmina
1 x Limited Edition Life Of Pi Gold Poster
2 x GSC Complimentary Passes

At least something useful here - the mug and Pashmina wtf.

K the reason why you see this post is because I MC wtf. Cough until cannot talk dy T___T Kthxbai.
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