Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekly Updates

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Last week was quite a happening week wtf. Sanjie and I were supposed to watch movie in KLCC on Tuesday coz papa and mami had a conference nearby. But there're no movies available (which I haven't watch) so we went to Times Square to get my Umobile number hee. Pity sanjie accompanying me for such a long journey.

While on our way to Times Square, erjie called and said she couldn't contact papa and mami to ask for help coz her car broke down (actually is mami's lo she went to stay at her bf's house then take mai the car hmph every Saturday have to wait for her to come back with the car hmph hmph #grumpy)

Then right after I got my number papa and mami called us to leave and rescue erjie.

I didn't know what happened la didn't really bothered to know wtf I slept in the car while they fixed the problem.

Thursday morning I cincai updated a blog 《Iron Man 3: My Way》at 6am+ lol coz Lemon's been bugging me to get free tickets to watch Iron Man 3 premiere screening wtf. That post was his idea somemore ahaha.

It's been so long since I watch movies... All the premiere screenings are so far away at 1 Utama, Tropicana City Mall, Paradigm Mall... Wanna find movie buddy also difficult aih. That's why even Iron Man 3 has premiere screening I didn't participate also coz it's in 1 Utama. But now people ajak me to the movie leh! Hohoho... Different story XD

还真的给我拿到 leh wtf! 不是盖的 lol...

Yesterday I was sick sick dei having headache and sore throat so I went to check for the car and didn't see it so I asked erjie will she come back. Then I called her coz she didn't reply me. Then said me rage her 7 early 8 early waa wtf it's around 11am leh how is that 7 early 8 early! Somemore I just added a few more question marks at the back of my question ny! But no difference la at the end it turned out the car was sent back for repairment wtf.

Btw... I've cut my hair short! But can't see people yet la the first few days after cutting the hair... I'll show after a few days later la ahaha coz I don't think it's nice also T.T

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