Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sien Ah...

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My life is getting more and more boring - it's all about WORK! #facepalm

Work life! When you're free, your friends are not; when your friends are, but you're not. Argh! I haven't been shopping for ages. Partially because I know I can't fit into any of the clothes IN MALAYSIA

#soulmate understands me most and made me sing and it's all rainbows and unicorns again. OMG I really need a proper sing k therapy. Too bad #soulmate has job everyday for few weeks. See, this is what I talk about. Sad case ever.

The only happening event so far was the rally at Stadium Kelana Jaya I went with my Crazy Family *proud of myself* aaaaand that's it. Haiz.

Btw I'm recovering thanks for your concern. Still a bit sneezing once in a while (which is all the time in the office coz apparently those people are from Alaska and they do not know what is "cold")

Hm. Well, there's one thing in my life that does keep revolving me. My body shape.

Yesterday I went to Fitness First at Avenue K for enquiry. Man, it looks like kind of a high-class fitness center. And of course, they just pull this promotion-thingy and I just fell for it. Fuck. #soulmate said it's a good offer though. I just don't like the way they made me giving out my contacts for the guess passes. I cannot be a lone wolf now? (Although I pretty much wanna get a gym partner ahaha)

Ending the post with an educational conversation that leads to toilet. (You see, the conversation was also about slimming before it goes all the way to the toilet.)

Friend: With the slimming gel, any oily food will send you straight to jamban.
Me: Jamban is what? what language is that?
Friend: *Shows google search results*
Me: Never has anyone use the term in my life!
Friend: Jamban means toilet in Malay. Aren't you a Malaysian? Wot's wrong with u?
Me: IZZIT!!! I thought it is called Tandas?

Turns out jamban is not exactly toilet. As my friend put it, "It is si-hang, the one you ng-ng in it". Made her day hahaha.
Now you learn a new term. You're welcome.
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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Keep Falling Sick zzz

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I've seen doctor last Friday. Tnb never fully recovered.

Yesterday also damn suay mia. First I nearly got into hot soup in the morning. Then afternoon erjie told me there's a bomb at Jalan Besar wtf. At around 5pm I beh tahan went to the panel clinic few floors above our office and it was closed zzz. Then ahba asked me out for a dinner. Then #genius ahdi said go la since KLCC got clinic also. So fine lo. Tnb it rained when I was halfway to the LRT station and I didn't bring my umbrella

What's worse, the Twin Tower Medical Center closed at 6pm #major-facepalm

So anyhow I still treated ahba dinner la I got wet went to KLCC neh. But papa was stuck in the traffic jam because of the idiot bomb zzz so all clinics are closed when we're on our way home.

Didn't sleep last night leh coz I couldn't even sleep with the cough I have. For that one moment I seriously thought I'll die coughing wtf.

Hopefully got slim dao la wtf. Gotta see doc kthxbai.
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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Labor Day - Ip Man: The Final Fight

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Happy Labor Day (Holiday) everyone!

Time passes so fast I didn't get to use my complimentary passes to watch free movies coz yesterday was the due date :(

Anyhow! It's not the only free passes I've won #lanci so I still get to watch free movies ahaha wtf.

Ahkit has been telling me to win tickets of Ip Man coz he wanted to watch the movie very much so I went to won them (chey waa)
But the problem is we got the tickets quite late and I couldn't find my time to watch with him (was supposed to watch with him last weekend but everyone went out and we have no transport -_- so it's cancelled)

Luckily today still have!

I checked from the phone and it shows the only screening time at 12pm and I woke up at 11.30am thinking that it'll be at 3pm wtf -___- When we're at Mid Valley it's already 12.30pm somemore there's a crowd wtf
It's taken from where I queue. (Btw it's taken via my Note 2 hohoho ♥ it maxxx! #lanci-again)

Also luckily they announced that those who wanted to buy tickets for certain movies and/or with vouchers can move to the HLB credit card lane. But the movie starts at 4.45pm I'm not sure if it's a good news wtf.

And then I met ahdi with a bunch of friends! Bugger I'm still forever alone no one ajak wtf T_T

Ahkit spent the 3 hours walking with me poor thing. We went to have lunch, browse (not sure if this is the right verb) the bookstore, checking out accessories (ooh I bought micro SD card for my note 2 teehee!), bought a bunch of foot masks for mami and spent the rest of the time at Starbucks ahaha. Eh he didn't got nothing in return ok. I bought him lunch and Starbucks latte and popcorn set. And the free movie. Which I put my effort to win it ok. It didn't just come like that.

So yea. We watched the movie. Ok ok lo. I thought Ip Man really got into a huge kick ass final fight. Zzz. Most of the fights didn't even involve him.

Today erjie came back ♥ And she went back. Not coming back during weekend coz going to gym #heartbroken

K k I know I'll workout soon geh la stop preaching me already. Kthxbai.
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