Saturday, 4 May 2013

Keep Falling Sick zzz

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 08:55
I've seen doctor last Friday. Tnb never fully recovered.

Yesterday also damn suay mia. First I nearly got into hot soup in the morning. Then afternoon erjie told me there's a bomb at Jalan Besar wtf. At around 5pm I beh tahan went to the panel clinic few floors above our office and it was closed zzz. Then ahba asked me out for a dinner. Then #genius ahdi said go la since KLCC got clinic also. So fine lo. Tnb it rained when I was halfway to the LRT station and I didn't bring my umbrella

What's worse, the Twin Tower Medical Center closed at 6pm #major-facepalm

So anyhow I still treated ahba dinner la I got wet went to KLCC neh. But papa was stuck in the traffic jam because of the idiot bomb zzz so all clinics are closed when we're on our way home.

Didn't sleep last night leh coz I couldn't even sleep with the cough I have. For that one moment I seriously thought I'll die coughing wtf.

Hopefully got slim dao la wtf. Gotta see doc kthxbai.
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