Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Labor Day - Ip Man: The Final Fight

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Happy Labor Day (Holiday) everyone!

Time passes so fast I didn't get to use my complimentary passes to watch free movies coz yesterday was the due date :(

Anyhow! It's not the only free passes I've won #lanci so I still get to watch free movies ahaha wtf.

Ahkit has been telling me to win tickets of Ip Man coz he wanted to watch the movie very much so I went to won them (chey waa)
But the problem is we got the tickets quite late and I couldn't find my time to watch with him (was supposed to watch with him last weekend but everyone went out and we have no transport -_- so it's cancelled)

Luckily today still have!

I checked from the phone and it shows the only screening time at 12pm and I woke up at 11.30am thinking that it'll be at 3pm wtf -___- When we're at Mid Valley it's already 12.30pm somemore there's a crowd wtf
It's taken from where I queue. (Btw it's taken via my Note 2 hohoho ♥ it maxxx! #lanci-again)

Also luckily they announced that those who wanted to buy tickets for certain movies and/or with vouchers can move to the HLB credit card lane. But the movie starts at 4.45pm I'm not sure if it's a good news wtf.

And then I met ahdi with a bunch of friends! Bugger I'm still forever alone no one ajak wtf T_T

Ahkit spent the 3 hours walking with me poor thing. We went to have lunch, browse (not sure if this is the right verb) the bookstore, checking out accessories (ooh I bought micro SD card for my note 2 teehee!), bought a bunch of foot masks for mami and spent the rest of the time at Starbucks ahaha. Eh he didn't got nothing in return ok. I bought him lunch and Starbucks latte and popcorn set. And the free movie. Which I put my effort to win it ok. It didn't just come like that.

So yea. We watched the movie. Ok ok lo. I thought Ip Man really got into a huge kick ass final fight. Zzz. Most of the fights didn't even involve him.

Today erjie came back ♥ And she went back. Not coming back during weekend coz going to gym #heartbroken

K k I know I'll workout soon geh la stop preaching me already. Kthxbai.
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