Friday, 14 June 2013

Today Iz Ma Exam

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Damn ganjiong leh.

Papa said can't send me to Mid Valley so he dropped me at Salak South KTM. Then only I realized I left my Touch N' Go card at home wtf -_- Like that nev'mind. I've already nervous enough, then suddenly the speaker broadcasted "Penumpang yang mengambil tren ke Rawang sila menggunakan pengangkutan yang lain" I went OMGWTFBBQ IT'S ALREADY 7.45AM HOW DO I GET TO MID VALLEY ON TIME WTF WTF WTF then the next broadcast was that the KL - Segambut stations had incident where the fallen trees had block the track, made me nearly had stroke wtf. I still get to go to Mid Valley coz it's not in the affected stations. Liddat also nev'mind lo wtf... I think at least 3 years I have not been taking KTM and it has not have any improvement omfg #facepalm #sardin-squeeze

Ok anyhow I reached the destination on time la. Then hor I peeked at the attendance list - I'M THE ONLY PERSON WHO TOOK THE EXAM IN THE MORNING WTF there're another 2 person taking the exam in the afternoon I think they're both friends T_T #foreveralone

Then hor I thought it was supposed to be 60 questions but I only got 40. Like that nev'mind. I finished it like, 1 hour max??? Dafuq had just happened wtf. So confused, I don't even feel happy that I passed coz I brain dumped. Quoted from Serena, "If dump salah, no dump kalah" damn right wtf. Now what? I just bought a cert for RM332. Like, literally wtf. #sigh #LookDownOnWhoeverDidBrainDumpAndScoredWellYetStillBoastingAboutIt

Tbh I also look down on myself wtf =(

The major reason I chose to take the exam at Mid Valley is because I can eat big shop big after the exam no matter what's the results. If I passed, then it can be a reward to myself, if I failed, then I can get rid of my emo-ness. Now I don't even know what this feeling is wtf. So movie it is wtf.

1. Star Trek - Into Darkness

It's one of the movie that I can watch using my free pass. Sheldon resembles Spock sibeh lot leh and no wonder he dressed up as Khan during Comic-Con la... Because Khan is better than other life forms! #SheldonBeingSheldon And Lieutenant Uhura is definitely Raj!!! Leonard could be resembling Jim Kirk geh. Not bad la but the whole cinema hall only had 4 or 5 audience including me wtf luckily there's a girl sitting right beside me at least that comfort me a little coz she's also watching the movie alone.

But but but!!! There was technical issue during the movie and we all were stunned wtf when the movie is back at the screen we missed a little part of conversation between Spock and his father (???). #grumpy

2. Switch (2013)

I thought it would be nice because Andy Lau starred in it c'mon it has to be good! Somemore got Lin Chi-Ling! #NeverHaveIBeenSoWrong I don't even. This movie 好歹 got few rows audiences more than the previous movie leh. Then I tried googling the movie review (List of review here) and turned out I'm not alone wtf. These 2 have the most accurate opinion with mine. Review 1, Review 2. Oh btw the reviews are in Chinese. #sucksballs

3. Man Of Steel

This I only got 1 thing to say - SUPERMAN IS HOOOOOOOTTTTTEEE!!! *花痴* ahaha wtf.

Okie today jao update till here la. G'night cuppycakes!
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Sunday, 9 June 2013


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还是老样子... 工作除外就是宅在家 T^T

还好盈最近心血来潮喝茶逛街都叫我出去,不然我真的要生蜘蛛网外加野生菇了 :3

这个星期五要去考试了我居然什么都还没准备啊啊啊... 可笑的是我考完试过后才清年假 (笨) T^T 可是之前就是一直有一种非在 14 号考试不可的强烈的直觉才报名啊。要是我考砸了真的会撞墙啊啊啊~~~ *抓狂*

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