Saturday, 27 July 2013

For Beginner Online Shoppers

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As I've mentioned in my previous post, #soulmate was sad so I suggested her to go online shopping therapy, but she had no idea where to check. So I've decided to become #goodgirlgina (I'm not going to make sammich to ease her sadness thankkiu) and share the links that I went online shopping bwahaha.

Things I shared might be a bit lame la but READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! I'm not going to be responsible if you're unable to control yourself and make huge purchases. You're welcome.

Oh btw. I didn't receive any rewards/pay to write this entry ya.

1. eBay
Impulse purchase:
RM40 (Free shipping)
The fella seller told me it's pink and it does look pink in the picture. But she didn't tell me it's kinda faded so it looks white now. -_-

This is an isolated case, coz I didn't think through when I made the purchase. Don't forget, I had a great purchase on eBay (although I didn't bid it on my own) - My Note 2! <3 Somemore no worry la you can rate the seller after you receive your stuffs and let other people know why you're happy/upset with the purchase.

There are a lot of different stuffs you can buy there la. Just make sure it's within your budget and you trust the seller, especially pre-orders.

2. Facebook Page
If you search properly, you'll be able to find a lot of online shops. Shoes, clothes, accessories, contact lenses... I used to buy on Facebook for my Prom night. But now I only check on contact lenses because... clothes won't fit on me anymore
Impulse purchase:
Total 11 pairs, RM154, free postage
From Vic Gree Gree
So happen that a friend of mine asked me for the link of Facebook shops that sell contact lenses:
There you go.

3. Beauty boxes
For people who likes to receive presents/surprises, you may consider beauty boxes. Other than MIVVA box, there are also similar sites like TheLilacBox, Bag of Love, Wonder Box, etc etc. Just Google search "beauty box in Malaysia" and you'll be able to get the list of popular beauty boxes available. Maybe you'll be able to compare which is more suitable/affordable to you too =)
Impulse purchase:
MIVVA beauty box (July Edition), 6 months subscription, RM228 (+570 points), free shipping.
Now I check back, 6 months subscription can only get 400 points ahaha :p

4. Big Sale
There are a lot of other sites that offers great deals, like GroupOn, Jackcow, Hulala, Streat Deal, Milkadeal etc etc... But everything is already included in this site - Big Sale is like the summary for all the deals.
Impulse purchase:
Iron Man / Captain America (shield) flash drive RM39 each, free shipping with 1 year warranty.
I supposed it's bought in Streat Deal via Big Sale.
Captain America shield is sanjie's.
Korean Leather Molang Diaries, 3 for RM65, free shipping.
From ILoveDiscounts via Big Sale.
Mint color's is sanjie's.

5. Deo Gloria Beauty
I'm not really a fan of nail arts but I do paint my nails occasionally. Since 3 years ago when I was in university under senior's influences, I started to paint patterns on the nails. Seniors' influence is big hehehe.
Here's the collection over the years:
Erjie joked that I open manicure shop lol
Well, not all are from Deo Gloria Beauty, but most recent ones from them are the platters and flocking powders. It's the new trend, the flocking powders and caviar! But I don't really like caviar la. Other nail polishes are from The Face shop, SASA, Elianto, etc etc, anywhere that you can see cheap nail polishes or which the shops are having promotions.

Btw. Deo Gloria Beauty has temperature/light changing nail polish! Cool anot you say la! But one bottle is around RM35/RM37 so. The shop owner is very helpful and attentive =D she suggested to me that Malaysia is having hot weather so it's not recommended to buy the temperature changing nail polishes. They allow restock request too so if the item you want is sold out, make a request and then they can restock for you. There are other items like clothes and accessories and stationery also but the main selling items are nail tools.

6. Lazada
I've only bought cameras from this site so far:
RM25 each, free shipping
If not mistaken, the shipping is free for purchases over RM100. First time user will have discounts tim! If not mistaken la.

There are definitely more sites than I can list them out... The key is to buy things that you NEED instead of WANT. (以上是不良示范,姐姐有练过哦,小朋友不要学... lol) Better to get someone beside you to give advice la. I saw a Hello Kitty keyboard + mouse for like hundred something... Luckily sanjie stopped me. If not I'm sure will mad at myself now coz I don't even need an extra keyboard and mouse wtf. Also plan your budget nicely so you won't overspend. If it's a pre-order, be sure to consider the credibility of the seller, and whether you're ok to pay first and receive later. Here's a small tips: if you realize, things I bought comes with free shipping. ;)

Jeez... After this entry I think erjie's look at me will be weirder. Like I despise human contact and only shop online wtf.
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Friday, 26 July 2013

Preview Screening - The Conjuring 23/7/2013

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The last time I watched horror movie was... 2nd April? Ghost Child, but I only remembered Mama, watched in January O_O

First time I've been warned about the scariness of the story woooh...

Nope I didn't win from Hulala. Nor Nuffnang/ChurpChurp. It was from The Star ngehehe... Call me contest scout! Not as good as erjie la coz she work as social media specialist ma she can find super lot of ongoing contests.

Brought mami as my partner ahaha. It's running in the blood - we inherited from mami!!!

Tbh it made me jump a few times la. But I swear it was the effect! They purposely keep quiet for a few seconds then suddenly made some noise somewhere. Or showing gross zombie-infected-like face. That's the face of a demon.

But it's kinda not very logic la. First first the Warren couples said demon don't possess things/human. Then near the end the mother seems to be possessed. Pffft. When Ed Warren tried to exorcise the mother, the demon should have just control him and make him kill everyone else that is at his way. Then possessed the mother back and continue with the killing plan wtf.

HOWEVER. As I'm writing this saying that it's not scary, I believe most people will still feel scared. So avoid la ha if you're having a weak heart or carrying a baby. Hug a teddy la if you still wanna watch
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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bad Dream

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Yesternight I had a bad dream.

It started off like this:
Erjie and I walking towards a hotel. For what purpose, I've forgotten. Maybe dinner, maybe to meet people, or just waiting for my dad to fetch us.

In the lobby, I don't remember what we're doing, we didn't talk. Well it's seems to be normal, because we hadn't talk for awhile and actually has nothing much to talk about already. While we're waiting, my aunt appeared together with my filthy rich, hot cousin. I called them out of manners, but they didn't respond to it. They just talked to erjie non stop.

When I was feeling grumpy, papa appeared and it's time for us to go. He hold erjie's hand and they walked away very fast, just like that. I was very angry and I threw my shoes towards them and shouted: You have another daughter here!

And after that, all I remember was the screaming and shouting.
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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Premiere Screening - RED 2 17/7/2013

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FUH! Long long time didn't win any premiere screening tickets dy... The last time I watched premiere screening was in April, that's 3 months ago!!!

The major reason I wanted to win (and won WEE~! #lanci) for this premiere screening is because the screening place is at Mid Valley. (BOO~~~! #lame) IKR! I didn't wanna win ALL tickets by Nuffnang/ChurpChurp already coz finding movie buddy is really headache.

I tried to win from Nuffnang, coz, according to my statistics, my chances to win the tickets from Nuffnang is easier than from ChurpChurp. But their question is difficult la something like naming the team after a color and have to think what it stands for *pffft* so I rather try ChurpChurp's instead.

Q: What Bruce Willis is thinking in the picture below?

So 难得 it's at Mid Valley I ajak-ed Yin and Kuan they both also can't go *sobs* Still Lemon good la once ask jao on XD But also because this movie is good la ngehehe =D

I went there by train so I had my own dinner at Mid Valley. Chose Kung Fu Paradise because never eat at there before. Bugger the waitress put me in between of couples T^T

I ordered Chicken Bolognese Baked Rice in Hot Pot which comes with free drink and fruits. And I was like o_O when the fruits are here:
Yao mou gao chor? 3 small pieces only???

But the rice looks good la
One set like this also RM18.45 neh :3

Next I actually wanna watch The Conjuring!!!
But it's harder to get a movie buddy that watches horror movie. =(

Even #soulmate's bf also warned me the level of scariness of this movie
可想而知 how scary it is

But the premiere screening is at 1 Utama leh aih far shit la how to go #disappointed.

Maybe wait for 3 more months and hope they'll get a movie to screen at Mid Valley again ba.
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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

MIVVA Beauty Box: July Edition - My Pamper Kit

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This entry is actually dedicated to #soulmate. Well. I admit that I (we) have weight issue, so when people make comments about how unhealthy we are by looking at our body size and weight, we got pissed off. It's simple, what we think is that, size/weight does not equal to health. As in, big-sized/heavy people doesn't necessary have to be the unhealthy one, slim people have health problems too. Like si ahba thin like hell but he just recovered from gastric. See? #soulmate and I never have this kind of problem.

Anyway. The point is, she was kinda upset, sorta because of the reason I just mentioned. When I had panic attack before my exam, I shopped. (To Rebecca Bloomwood: Shopping does make the world better!!!!!) So I recommended her the online shopping therapy and introduced her the beauty box ahaha.

ps: #soulmate please control yourself ok! Don't overspend like me!

The concept of the beauty box is, it's a box filled with cosmetics ranging from deluxe samples, travel kits to full sized products, generally on a subscription basis. Kinda good concept I think, coz you get to try them out without having to worry that it doesn't suit you and the full sized product gone to a waste. When I was at MIVVA's site, I thought it might be a good idea, for me to subscribe the beauty box - this way, I will be able to receive the box every first week of the month (MIVVA sends the boxes on the first week of the month), give myself a surprise, and reduce the negativity in me! (LOL) Partially also because it's hard to change my body shape for now la so might as well spend a bit more effort on my face to distract people from focusing on my body ahaha. And I received my first box last week zomg it does feel super good! Like receiving a present from the past me lololol #foreveralone

Here's one of the ranking of beauty box subscription in Malaysia (click me) I'm reviewing the MIVVA box because erjie subscribed it before and I subscribed it when I had panic attack last month ahaha #facepalm Actually I'm a little nervous coz it's mid month appraisal and I started to google different beauty box brands ahaha that's how I found the list of subscription.

MIVVA Beauty Box July Edition
Erjie said I've got the new box instead of the old one and that I'm very lucky. I think that is because I sekaligus subscribed for 6 months ahaha that's why I got the new box. I can't make proper decision under stress ok. I said I had panic attack!

So this is what it looks like at the inside of the box:
BeautyMate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner, RM49.90 for 120ml
Elianto Ardour Shadow, RM8 for 2g
I got rampant blue! Can match it with the blue gel eye liner Jann gave me leh =D
UNICO Eye Lip Enriched Cream, RM98.80 for 15ml
Tbh I will never buy such product in my whole life and I got the full size in my RM38 monthly subscription zomfg!
Re-Gen Oil, RM29.90 for 75ml / RM45.90 for 125ml
This is obviously in sample-size. There are 3 sample packets in the box =)
Bugger erjie said it suits me wtf. STFU.
Foot Pumice Stone
Mami needs it more than me hee

Here's the full content:
Ooh I left out the sample sized Somang Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner & Emulsion.
I like their smell, but the only drawback is that the bottle is too hard that I can't get the cream out.

I can't really comment on the products as I've just used them for like, a few days(?) Somemore my skin is non allergic ahaha #lanci I just hope the eye lip enriched cream will help as my dark circle is really really serious wtf.

For people who don't makeup like #soulmate, I'd suggest that you can collect the cosmetics and reuse one of the boxes (that is, if you subscribe it for a few months) - you don't even have to wrap as the box is already pretty enough - and it's already a nice gift to your girl friends! =D

If you're interested to subscribe the box, here's my referral url (click me!) Well... Since you're subscribing anyway, why don't you help me get some referral points? Pretty please?
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Monday, 8 July 2013


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Gosh I sure hope this is because it's the day of the month. I got upset easily recently =(

I feel like blogger is dying la. Probly because friends don't update anymore. Even Xiaxue used insta-blogging now. Last Saturday I went out with Serena to watch Despicable Me 2, and she gave me some advice to bring in more diversity of readers for my blog. After that during the movie White House Down, Emily (daughter of John aka Channing Tatum) said that no one says 'blog' anymore wtf and we were like omg we're outdated no one said 'blog' anymore wtf. But then it turned out to be "video blog" which is YouTube wtf. Tbh I myself also quite lazy to blog anymore la haiz.

Probly because I'm negative also... I became bad luck Brian wtf like a magnet sucking in bad things. A friend just said I smudged my eyeliner padahal I didn't put on any make up wtf my dark circles had spread till that level #facepalm. Just before the day we had our gathering, my phone fucking dropped on the floor and fucking cracked omfg see once hurt 10x. Then the next day before the gathering, erjie dropped me at Mid Valley before sending her car to repair. Fucking GPS took us to the wrong route and we paid tolls for like 4-5 times wtf DAMN YOU, WAVE!

Btw. I'll NEVER attend to any gatherings anymore.

I sure hope this is the valley of my life and things will get better. Please do get better or else Imma get depression wtf.

Oh. Did I mention my Becky side emerged again?

Before my exam date, I was so panic until I bought lots of stuffs online. Like, subscribed to MIVVA box for half a year, bought a handbag and 11 new pairs of contact lenses, ordered 1 Iron Man pendrive, 1 handphone wallet, 3 diaries (they're cute and they come with 3 different designs!!!), and I almost ordered the Hello Kitty keyboard and mouse which sanjie stopped me from doing it wtf. IKR. OMFG. =(

I need something to cheer me up la...
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