Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bad Dream

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 16:29
Yesternight I had a bad dream.

It started off like this:
Erjie and I walking towards a hotel. For what purpose, I've forgotten. Maybe dinner, maybe to meet people, or just waiting for my dad to fetch us.

In the lobby, I don't remember what we're doing, we didn't talk. Well it's seems to be normal, because we hadn't talk for awhile and actually has nothing much to talk about already. While we're waiting, my aunt appeared together with my filthy rich, hot cousin. I called them out of manners, but they didn't respond to it. They just talked to erjie non stop.

When I was feeling grumpy, papa appeared and it's time for us to go. He hold erjie's hand and they walked away very fast, just like that. I was very angry and I threw my shoes towards them and shouted: You have another daughter here!

And after that, all I remember was the screaming and shouting.
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