Monday, 8 July 2013


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Gosh I sure hope this is because it's the day of the month. I got upset easily recently =(

I feel like blogger is dying la. Probly because friends don't update anymore. Even Xiaxue used insta-blogging now. Last Saturday I went out with Serena to watch Despicable Me 2, and she gave me some advice to bring in more diversity of readers for my blog. After that during the movie White House Down, Emily (daughter of John aka Channing Tatum) said that no one says 'blog' anymore wtf and we were like omg we're outdated no one said 'blog' anymore wtf. But then it turned out to be "video blog" which is YouTube wtf. Tbh I myself also quite lazy to blog anymore la haiz.

Probly because I'm negative also... I became bad luck Brian wtf like a magnet sucking in bad things. A friend just said I smudged my eyeliner padahal I didn't put on any make up wtf my dark circles had spread till that level #facepalm. Just before the day we had our gathering, my phone fucking dropped on the floor and fucking cracked omfg see once hurt 10x. Then the next day before the gathering, erjie dropped me at Mid Valley before sending her car to repair. Fucking GPS took us to the wrong route and we paid tolls for like 4-5 times wtf DAMN YOU, WAVE!

Btw. I'll NEVER attend to any gatherings anymore.

I sure hope this is the valley of my life and things will get better. Please do get better or else Imma get depression wtf.

Oh. Did I mention my Becky side emerged again?

Before my exam date, I was so panic until I bought lots of stuffs online. Like, subscribed to MIVVA box for half a year, bought a handbag and 11 new pairs of contact lenses, ordered 1 Iron Man pendrive, 1 handphone wallet, 3 diaries (they're cute and they come with 3 different designs!!!), and I almost ordered the Hello Kitty keyboard and mouse which sanjie stopped me from doing it wtf. IKR. OMFG. =(

I need something to cheer me up la...
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