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Premiere Screening - RED 2 17/7/2013

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FUH! Long long time didn't win any premiere screening tickets dy... The last time I watched premiere screening was in April, that's 3 months ago!!!

The major reason I wanted to win (and won WEE~! #lanci) for this premiere screening is because the screening place is at Mid Valley. (BOO~~~! #lame) IKR! I didn't wanna win ALL tickets by Nuffnang/ChurpChurp already coz finding movie buddy is really headache.

I tried to win from Nuffnang, coz, according to my statistics, my chances to win the tickets from Nuffnang is easier than from ChurpChurp. But their question is difficult la something like naming the team after a color and have to think what it stands for *pffft* so I rather try ChurpChurp's instead.

Q: What Bruce Willis is thinking in the picture below?

So 难得 it's at Mid Valley I ajak-ed Yin and Kuan they both also can't go *sobs* Still Lemon good la once ask jao on XD But also because this movie is good la ngehehe =D

I went there by train so I had my own dinner at Mid Valley. Chose Kung Fu Paradise because never eat at there before. Bugger the waitress put me in between of couples T^T

I ordered Chicken Bolognese Baked Rice in Hot Pot which comes with free drink and fruits. And I was like o_O when the fruits are here:
Yao mou gao chor? 3 small pieces only???

But the rice looks good la
One set like this also RM18.45 neh :3

Next I actually wanna watch The Conjuring!!!
But it's harder to get a movie buddy that watches horror movie. =(

Even #soulmate's bf also warned me the level of scariness of this movie
可想而知 how scary it is

But the premiere screening is at 1 Utama leh aih far shit la how to go #disappointed.

Maybe wait for 3 more months and hope they'll get a movie to screen at Mid Valley again ba.
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