Friday, 26 July 2013

Preview Screening - The Conjuring 23/7/2013

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The last time I watched horror movie was... 2nd April? Ghost Child, but I only remembered Mama, watched in January O_O

First time I've been warned about the scariness of the story woooh...

Nope I didn't win from Hulala. Nor Nuffnang/ChurpChurp. It was from The Star ngehehe... Call me contest scout! Not as good as erjie la coz she work as social media specialist ma she can find super lot of ongoing contests.

Brought mami as my partner ahaha. It's running in the blood - we inherited from mami!!!

Tbh it made me jump a few times la. But I swear it was the effect! They purposely keep quiet for a few seconds then suddenly made some noise somewhere. Or showing gross zombie-infected-like face. That's the face of a demon.

But it's kinda not very logic la. First first the Warren couples said demon don't possess things/human. Then near the end the mother seems to be possessed. Pffft. When Ed Warren tried to exorcise the mother, the demon should have just control him and make him kill everyone else that is at his way. Then possessed the mother back and continue with the killing plan wtf.

HOWEVER. As I'm writing this saying that it's not scary, I believe most people will still feel scared. So avoid la ha if you're having a weak heart or carrying a baby. Hug a teddy la if you still wanna watch
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