Friday, 30 August 2013

Klips Special Screening - PawnShop [Thai] 28/8/2013

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Sucks balls.

I got this movie via Klips pffft!

The most not scary THAI horror movie I've ever watched. (Must stressed "THAI" horror movie coz their horror movies were either funny-comedy type or very very scary de type but this is neither wtf)

I heard also other people commented that during the beginning of the movie, it was kinda scary but after awhile it became like... Nothing much. So when other people said so, I can safely say this movie is not scary la. Somemore it was so short 1.5hrs only leh! My first shortest special screening wtf.

Spoiler alert! #The ghosts are so stupid all they can do were puking blood and more disgustingly, puke the blood into people's mouth what the heck was that I don't even. And that's it! No storyline!!! Damn waste time la wtf.#

Oh and btw! In conjunction of the National Independence Day, the movie hall will play National Anthem before the movie starts #truestory.jpg you know what to do la ha. Not sure if it lasts for 1 week or longer. But I'm not visiting the cinema any sooner already.
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Premiere Screening- Kick Ass 2 26/8/2013

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This month has the most premiere screening held in Mid Valley woots~ This is the last one in the month from Nuffnang. But I missed Elysium ah wtf first one slipped away from me.
Q: If you could for a day, which one of these 4 superheroes would you be?
Cincai write also got hehehe =p

Not bad la got funny scenes but hor some scenes were boring :x Average only lo. Mindy very cute though. Oh this movie is violent and bloody eh but the scene where Mindy chopped off the bad guy's hand was cut wtf

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ghost Month's Nightmare

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It feels like I've been having this dream for a few nights.

I can't really remember actually, most of the time I forgot what I dreamt. But this morning I remembered what I dreamt last night, the dream was so familiar it gave me a feeling that I've been having the same dream for the past few days.

In the dream, I was alone, asking for help. Then a lady appeared in a mist. She looked super familiar, I thought I knew her in the dream! She wore long black dress, slowly approaching me. But when she's near me and I started to ask for help, she turned into some one I didn't know - a scary monster (sort of like a killer la not literally a monster) trying to take my life away!

Omfgwtfbbq I hope this is just a dream coz I've read enough horror stories like this that the character appeared in the dream was actually someone I knew from the past (either current life or past lives wtf) and she's really coming back for me wtf and this is still the Ghost Month somemore omfg

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Preview Screening - The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones 20/8/2013

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One fine day Hui Yin, Edwin, Lemon and I went "primary-school-friend-yamcha" and then we ended up watching movie because we really don't know what to say wtf #awkward She saw the movie poster and she said she wanted to watch it coz it looks interesting so I've decided to look out for free tickets coz very hard to find movie buddy leh! Now got one 自动送上门 then still wanna let it go meh! XD

还真的给我赢到 wtf I couldn't believe it's in Mid Valley somemore :O
Q: If you were a Shadowhunter, what would be your weapon of choice?

ps: I cannot believe Clary used the same method I suggested to kill the fella wtf except she's not using freeze ray but a wand wtf wtf *Oops sorry! Spoiler alert! :p*

I received an email from Nuffnang about an event there - lucky draw, photo booth, make over wtf turned out it was some sort of activities done by the other companies.

Actually. I kinda hope they'll bring more badges coz I wanted to get all other badges from Nuffnang wtf but they didn't T___T

So anyway. These are my point of view:
1. The title of the movie was "City of Bones" but this place appeared only once and it's only used to regain Clary's memory.
2. The "witch" damn stupid (and illogical) coz she put the lethal instrument at home wtf and exposed herself.
3. Simon... Is still Simon eh wtf. I kinda hope he'll changed. Or at least be together with Isabelle wtf.
4. Shadowhunters need to embed the runes on their hands then only can use the spell? Then when they grow older ma a lot of scars lo? O_o
5. etc I don't want to say anymore la you watch it yourself la. If they put in more details then should be better geh. But I'd suggest go read the book then only watch the movie la. Like Harry Potter series, coz there are a lot of things are not explained in the movie.

pps: There are staffs that checked on us for phones so I thought this "preview" screening is few days earlier than the general release wtf still turned out to be only 1 day difference.
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Churpremiere - The Purge 19/8/2013

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难得 one of the horror movie is screened in Mid Valley - I die die also wanna win one!

Q: If you had to protect your household from others during The Purge, what kind of measures would you take?

But sibeh hard to get a movie buddy wtf.

Grabbed another 2 badges from ChurpChurp
#YUNoChurp #KeepCalmAndChurp #HashTagAndChurp (wtf) #ThePurge

I thought it would be good wtf #neverhaveIbeensowrongbefore It's from the producer of Paranormal Activity! Which explains why it's not very scary. There are bloody and violent scenes and kancheong la but not scary.

But hor! I think this program has more pros than cons leh. See ah if the country allows the citizens to release their anger and hatred within that 12 hours LEGALLY, I believe everyone will behave themselves during the rest of the year so that they don't get killed during the Purge night lo. And yes I believe what the doctor/researcher said in the tv - Human is violent in nature, we're just suppressing it. At least I'm violent, I admit. There are times I wanted to punch people so hard like how Mary Sandin punched Grace so that they don't disturb me wtf but I hold it back because it's illegal to even punch people wtf. The only fall in this program is that poor people won't be able to afford the protection, ie security system and weapons. And I think even if they can afford guns, they won't be able to break into the rich's house too.

James Sandin also one la. I was just about to ask "what if the electricity was cut? Then the security system ma not working lo." Then immediately the teens cut down the electricity and barged into their house already wtf. Their QC tak boleh harap lah need to change. How can sign off like that ahaha.

Actually I got a lil doubt la. See hor the homeless fella should have run far enough coz he's asking for help quite long (and loud) from the neighbourhood ma. Then he should have run further and hide instead of asking for help lo. Coz, after he asked for help, he got the family that helped him into trouble leh. Somemore he shouted for help so loud, he could have attracted another bunch of Purgers to kill him lo wtf. I can only say maybe he's desperate la, hoping the teens won't find out who'd help him.

I think The Conjuring got better than this la but can't really compare both also coz The Conjuring is a ghost story while The Purge is a crazy killing movie.

Till then!
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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Premiere Screening - Unbeatable 14/8/2013

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Finally some Premiere Screenings in Mid Valley!!!!!

But another problem is to look for a movie buddy wtf. #facepalm

Q: If you could be a champion MMA fighter, who would you want as your trainer and why?

My friend asked me Cheong Ka Fai always acted funny in movies, how come suddenly so serious in this movie?

Turned out still a comedian ahaha wtf.

Tbh, unless you're an MMA fans, you might find it interesting. Coz hor... I found that, other than the few scenes Cheong Ka Fai cracked jokes, the rest of the movie is boring shit :s

And then hor... Um. I realized that Nuffnang always give out tickets 1 day only before the general release... Why oh why... =( Not that I'm not thankful la but I still hope can watch new movies few days before rather than just 1 ma.

Oh btw my friend gave me this
First time invite people got present leh
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Friday, 16 August 2013

Raya Trip to Johor - Singapore: Day 3 9/8/2013 - Johor Scenes

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Mami said we'll travel within Johor this day.

Then after a discussion, the adults decided that we can visit LegoLand but we're not entering coz 1)the entrance ticket is sibeh expensive and 2)some of the facilities are not done yet so it'll be more worthwhile visiting it after the whole Land is build up.

Wah little did I know, the journey to LegoLand is also very far wtf. Half day wasted just to travel to LegoLand.

People mountain people sea
One of my friend loves Yoyo & Cici ♥
I told ahma, ahba and akmar about the LegoLand trip during lunch yesterday. Ahma didn't believe it was super sunny and we didn't have shades.
At the ticketing entrance.
I was like "Dafuq is this o_O is the girl sniffing the boy's butt wtf wtf"
Turned out it was a girl helping the boy to cross the gate wtf
Oooh caught you, notty boy! You ain't gonna get any girls if you continue to treat them like that ha XD

Then everyone was hungry already so mami suggested to go to KFC wtf #facepalm

KFC also people mountain people sea ahhhhh then my brother made a flower from a leaflet out of boredom

And then I thought we'll be able to go to Sanrio to see Hello Kitty but apparently no one knows (or interested) to go T.T

So we went back, dinner and get changed.

Then my uncle said wanna bring us to see sea view so.

Danga Bay!

Random shots...

Playing with panorama shots:
Click to see larger image
My uncle trying to scare people hahahahahaha
Overall view (addicted to panorama shots already wtf)

And that's all for the day. We went back on the 4th day so nothing much to talk about la.
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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Raya Trip to Johor - Singapore: Day 2 9/8/2013 - Singapore Scenes

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Woke up at around 8am, went to have breakfast, then we camwhore a bit before slept to Singapore again.

And then sanjie taught me how to take selfie somemore
I hope no one vomit

First we went to Jurong to fetch my cousin who studied Nursing there and then we went to the Marina-Bay-or-Barrage-or-Marine-Life-Park-whatever-place-it-is-la to check out the view there.

My brother and my cousin
He holds the record for asking me "Jie Jie can I play 'banana'? Please...?" the most.

My cousin actually bohsong me a bit coz I rejected his request to play "banana" for the n-th time

Above: With mami
Below: With popo

After Marina-Bay-or-Barrage-or-Marine-Life-Park-whatever-place-it-is, we went to the Gardens by the Bay. I think everyone was too lazy to walk around so they had agreed to take a tour on the audio tour

I think the whole group has 15 people wtf

After the tour has finished I suggested to go Bugis Street. I mean, how can a girl claimed she came Singapore without visiting Bugis Street!!!!!



My cousin only knew how to go to Bugis Street from her university, so she turned on GPS.

And yet we still couldn't reach Bugis Street fml. We ended up in People's Mall (or Chinatown, or whichever place it is haiy I also sien wanna remember the place jor) Eryi said they (and popo) wanna grab a bite... But hor I don't know why mami insisted we go to McD wtf they almost argued where to eat coz they didn't wanna buy anything and I'm the one who suggested to go Bugis Street (though ended up in that place) haiz then I don't know how they discussed la they finally had come to an agreement that they'll rest at the food court while we go around the mall and gather again after 1 hour.

I actually wanna buy souvenir de lo pleeeeze.

Ended up bought a few clothes haiz. Not that it's not a good thing la. But... Sibeh rush lo. Like cincai buy so that this trip is not wasted liddat =( Then didn't get what I want also.

Then normal routine lo. Drove back to Johor and slept in the car during the whole journey again zzz
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