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Churpremiere - The Purge 19/8/2013

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难得 one of the horror movie is screened in Mid Valley - I die die also wanna win one!

Q: If you had to protect your household from others during The Purge, what kind of measures would you take?

But sibeh hard to get a movie buddy wtf.

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I thought it would be good wtf #neverhaveIbeensowrongbefore It's from the producer of Paranormal Activity! Which explains why it's not very scary. There are bloody and violent scenes and kancheong la but not scary.

But hor! I think this program has more pros than cons leh. See ah if the country allows the citizens to release their anger and hatred within that 12 hours LEGALLY, I believe everyone will behave themselves during the rest of the year so that they don't get killed during the Purge night lo. And yes I believe what the doctor/researcher said in the tv - Human is violent in nature, we're just suppressing it. At least I'm violent, I admit. There are times I wanted to punch people so hard like how Mary Sandin punched Grace so that they don't disturb me wtf but I hold it back because it's illegal to even punch people wtf. The only fall in this program is that poor people won't be able to afford the protection, ie security system and weapons. And I think even if they can afford guns, they won't be able to break into the rich's house too.

James Sandin also one la. I was just about to ask "what if the electricity was cut? Then the security system ma not working lo." Then immediately the teens cut down the electricity and barged into their house already wtf. Their QC tak boleh harap lah need to change. How can sign off like that ahaha.

Actually I got a lil doubt la. See hor the homeless fella should have run far enough coz he's asking for help quite long (and loud) from the neighbourhood ma. Then he should have run further and hide instead of asking for help lo. Coz, after he asked for help, he got the family that helped him into trouble leh. Somemore he shouted for help so loud, he could have attracted another bunch of Purgers to kill him lo wtf. I can only say maybe he's desperate la, hoping the teens won't find out who'd help him.

I think The Conjuring got better than this la but can't really compare both also coz The Conjuring is a ghost story while The Purge is a crazy killing movie.

Till then!
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