Friday, 30 August 2013

Klips Special Screening - PawnShop [Thai] 28/8/2013

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Sucks balls.

I got this movie via Klips pffft!

The most not scary THAI horror movie I've ever watched. (Must stressed "THAI" horror movie coz their horror movies were either funny-comedy type or very very scary de type but this is neither wtf)

I heard also other people commented that during the beginning of the movie, it was kinda scary but after awhile it became like... Nothing much. So when other people said so, I can safely say this movie is not scary la. Somemore it was so short 1.5hrs only leh! My first shortest special screening wtf.

Spoiler alert! #The ghosts are so stupid all they can do were puking blood and more disgustingly, puke the blood into people's mouth what the heck was that I don't even. And that's it! No storyline!!! Damn waste time la wtf.#

Oh and btw! In conjunction of the National Independence Day, the movie hall will play National Anthem before the movie starts #truestory.jpg you know what to do la ha. Not sure if it lasts for 1 week or longer. But I'm not visiting the cinema any sooner already.
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