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MIVVA Beauty Box: August Edition - Flower Power

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I've been waiting for this month's surprise eagerly. Recently been occupied with sibeh high priority project (not sure if 自己拿来衰 or I should feel happy for owning the project wtf) until I felt like wanna make impulse purchase again wtf but luckily I reminded myself frequent enough to wait for this month's beauty box.

Last Tuesday after lunch, I was so happy to see the package on my table - I finally received it! ^^

Last month's (old) box...
Woots woots opening it *excited*

Um. Got a bit more disappointed. Maybe I've been over expecting it. But tbh my friend who unwrap the box with me also found it's a bit disappointing. I have to say I love last month's box more la.

Nev'mind! Maybe some people will love it =) So lets continue to unveil what's in the box and you'll decide yourself how's it for you!

SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set
RM237 for Cleansing Gel + Toner + Essence
There're 3 types of products from DI PALOO Orange Blossom with Wild Honey & Olive
The one I got is Moisturising Body Wash ^^
RM69 for 250ml
Smells good leh =) I've tried using it during the Raya Trip (will update in another individual entry) kinda like the Enchanteur fragrance body wash.

F Cup Cookies
RM78.90 for 14 sticks
(Um... *Look at own chest* I think I need to slim down first then only I can know how fit they are...)
DERMEDEX Refining Cream 2 Challenge Pack (RM30)
This is the most zadou product in the box... My colleague was surprised that they sent BOTOX to the subscribers wtf but turned out it was BIO-TOX cleanser, not BOTOX wtf -.-||| Anyhow it's not suitable for me la my face is so smooth *hohoho* #buaypaiseh Maybe I can let my brother use and show the end results hmm.

TSUBAKI Damage Care Shampoo & Conditioner, 40ml
RM16.90 for 220ml / RM33.90 for 550ml
I brought these 2 together with the body wash too. Doesn't make a difference with the shampoo I'm currently using la. I'd like to try the shampoo erjie is looking for though.

I-GEL AIRE Refreshing Drops
RM18.80 (WM) / RM19.80 (EM) for 10ml
This eye drop hor. I first first thought it's contact lens. Coz last month MIVVA conducted a contact lens survey ma. Then I was like excited for 1 minute and showed my friend "SEE!!! CONTACT LENS!!!!!" wtf and when I opened it's just a bottle of eye drop wtf wtf  OK la my fault again coz I didn't read the product name properly.

When I was unwrapping the box, the colleague that sits beside me peeped for awhile and then asked whether is it a mooncake box HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omfg I teared from laughing. So my friend said "Does mooncake has bandung flavor?" coz the box is giving out some rosemary-kind of scent which smells like bandung.

It turned out to be this scented pouch which is used to omit the bad odor in cupboards/boxes/containers etc etc.
Magnolia-scented eh.

Other than the products itself... MIVVA team includes some brochures and vouchers too but I personally don't like vouchers la because it's a marketing strategy to make you spend more even though it gives discounts.

OK That's all it has in the August Edition MIVVA Box la~ If you're interested with the box you can click here to subscribe yo ;)
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