Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Premiere Screening - The Smurfs 2 5/8/2013

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Wanna win free tickets also not easy la nowadays. Nuffnang made us write a blog post to win the premiere screening tickets T^T

Easier for comic blogger lor coz they can just present it in a fun and more creative way. One picture is worth a thousand words ma.

Luckily not many wanna take the trouble to write blog lololol #notsureif good or bad so Nuffnang made a giveaway for the extra tickets and both #soulmate and I got it!!!

But #soulmate couldn't go leh I let my parents watched with us ngehehe THANKS #SOULMATE MUAX!!!

#TheSmurfs2 #NuffnangBadges #BlogFirstTalkLater #MyBlogIsBetterThanYours!

Papa very annoying la keep saying wanna go wait in the cinema -_- I wanna buy stuffs also cannot. We can't even walk far from the cinema, only walked around in Toys'R'Us.

And now... The Smurfs 2!

#soulmate is right, Neil Patrick Harris is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! Though he didn't appear much in the movie ahaha. This movie... No need review la ha.
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