Saturday, 17 August 2013

Premiere Screening - Unbeatable 14/8/2013

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Finally some Premiere Screenings in Mid Valley!!!!!

But another problem is to look for a movie buddy wtf. #facepalm

Q: If you could be a champion MMA fighter, who would you want as your trainer and why?

My friend asked me Cheong Ka Fai always acted funny in movies, how come suddenly so serious in this movie?

Turned out still a comedian ahaha wtf.

Tbh, unless you're an MMA fans, you might find it interesting. Coz hor... I found that, other than the few scenes Cheong Ka Fai cracked jokes, the rest of the movie is boring shit :s

And then hor... Um. I realized that Nuffnang always give out tickets 1 day only before the general release... Why oh why... =( Not that I'm not thankful la but I still hope can watch new movies few days before rather than just 1 ma.

Oh btw my friend gave me this
First time invite people got present leh
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