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Preview Screening - The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones 20/8/2013

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One fine day Hui Yin, Edwin, Lemon and I went "primary-school-friend-yamcha" and then we ended up watching movie because we really don't know what to say wtf #awkward She saw the movie poster and she said she wanted to watch it coz it looks interesting so I've decided to look out for free tickets coz very hard to find movie buddy leh! Now got one 自动送上门 then still wanna let it go meh! XD

还真的给我赢到 wtf I couldn't believe it's in Mid Valley somemore :O
Q: If you were a Shadowhunter, what would be your weapon of choice?

ps: I cannot believe Clary used the same method I suggested to kill the fella wtf except she's not using freeze ray but a wand wtf wtf *Oops sorry! Spoiler alert! :p*

I received an email from Nuffnang about an event there - lucky draw, photo booth, make over wtf turned out it was some sort of activities done by the other companies.

Actually. I kinda hope they'll bring more badges coz I wanted to get all other badges from Nuffnang wtf but they didn't T___T

So anyway. These are my point of view:
1. The title of the movie was "City of Bones" but this place appeared only once and it's only used to regain Clary's memory.
2. The "witch" damn stupid (and illogical) coz she put the lethal instrument at home wtf and exposed herself.
3. Simon... Is still Simon eh wtf. I kinda hope he'll changed. Or at least be together with Isabelle wtf.
4. Shadowhunters need to embed the runes on their hands then only can use the spell? Then when they grow older ma a lot of scars lo? O_o
5. etc I don't want to say anymore la you watch it yourself la. If they put in more details then should be better geh. But I'd suggest go read the book then only watch the movie la. Like Harry Potter series, coz there are a lot of things are not explained in the movie.

pps: There are staffs that checked on us for phones so I thought this "preview" screening is few days earlier than the general release wtf still turned out to be only 1 day difference.
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