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Raya Trip to Johor - Singapore: Day 1 8/8/2013 - SLEEP SLEep Sleep...

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12am I was still half-packed because I was super lazy.

I went to bed at around 1am coz I got not many nice clothes to bring wtf I just simply stuffed a few shirts with jeans into the bag.

Because we slept late, we just managed to wake up at 3am and departed at around 4am+.

So we slept in the car until 8am and we've reached my relative's house.

After unloading the luggage, my cousins started to bug me for my phone coz I have the "banana" (minion rush game) wtf #faint #killmeplease

We had some food and pumped petrol and then we slept in the car again on the journey to Singapore and during the adults were applying for the autopass.

After we got the autopass, it was a long journey again to Sentosa, so we continue to sleep before we reach the destination wtf.

Actually. When we reached the parking lot, we're still sleeping coz it was "car mountain car sea" wtf.

Btw, the whole group went with 3 cars so it was quite difficult to stick together all the time, especially parking.

Finally reached... ZOMG UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!! *Looking forward*
The view once come out from the long corridor #tired wtf
Popo hungry jor, come lets find a place to eat something first
Just passing by... Zomg I was still looking forward to visit the place
Malaysian Food Street
People mountain people sea wtf
We've done eating first, so we took photo while waiting for others

And then hor!!! Mami and Eryi suggested wanna go casino wtf. It was around 6pm already. I die die also followed mami coz my cousins will keep asking for "banana" when they're bored and that I happened to be around them. Which... Turned out to be a wise decision la coz apparently they didn't wanna go anywhere and just sit at the same place 乖乖的 wait for us to return wtf wtf wtf. Mami suggested to return after 2 hours but we were bored after losing around SGD70 to the slot machines so we looked for papa and left the casino.

BUT!!! Eryi won some money! So after everyone went to the toilet and leave Singapore, Eryi treated us dinner/supper coz by the time we left Singapore it's already almost 9pm and by the time we reached Johor it's around 11pm already. And of course we slept in the car again during the whole journey wtf.

ps: Whaddafuq this whole day was kinda wasted by sleeping...
pps: Fucking come to Sentosa and fucking entered casino ONLY. Sibeh imbalance now.
Personal opinion: If wanna play, travel without oldies. If wanna bring oldies, don't expect can play well. Kids also the same.
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