Tuesday, 17 September 2013

MIVVA Beauty Box: September Edition - Glow Gizmo

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Mivva team announced that they're sending out the beauty box 1 week later WHYYY Last week of August seems to not favor me. And these few days. I really have no idea where did I get the sickness it seems to be corroding my trachea or esophagus or throat or breathing track or whatever it is called wtf T_T

Anyway! I almost became a giraffe waiting for the box And when I received it... I have mixed feeling.

Theme of the month:-
I'm not quite sure what this theme wants to bring out ahaha... Make you glow perhaps?

Contents in the box - Looks good!
BeautyMate Purifying And Brightening Nano Mask, RM36.90 for 7pcs
Masks don't excite me very much... Especially BeautyMate's coz I have bunch of them at home. Mostly because it's not my favourite mask ahaha
I even have varieties of them wtf - Vanedo, BeautyMate, Sasatinie, even Barbie wtf and etc etc
So practically receiving the mask in my box giving me this feeling - it's just another mask.

So far from all the masks I used... I like the Oxygen Bubble Masks from SkinLite best!
SkinLite Clean & Bright Oxygen Bubble Mask - Peach and Blueberry
1 packet has 2 treatments!
Image taken from SASA
It's washable type and leaves the skin smooth as ever! ^^

Oops sorry I've went too far. Next we have in the box is...
Somang Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Toner & Emulsion, both price at RM174.90 for 160ml each
Ecopure Perfect White Sun Cream, RM89.90 for 50ml
Somang Air-Bliss BB, RM94.90 for 50ml
Somang's product seems good, at least erjie really wanted to get the hair products after she tried it from her April's box. Hair/Skin products seems almost the same to me so far :-/

Above: Ascience Shine Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner
Below: Ascience Nature Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner
Both price at RM14.90 for 220ml each or RM26.80 for 530ml each

Here comes the product that excites me most!!!
I-Gel Lenses:
Magic Pop Monthly RM60/pair,
MiaCare Daily RM128/30pcs, Monthly RM138/6pcs
Though I have bunch of unused contact lenses... I still love buying contact lenses. Totally different reaction when I got my masks ha ^^"
My impulse purchase wtf
Too bad I got brown-colored lenses. I aimed for blue/purple/pink/green de leh!

Last but not least...
Arty Professional Mania Face Color, RM45/shade
At first I didn't know what it's for. (inner voice: that's why it's important to read the product description, dumbass!) It says it "can be used on both the eyes and cheeks" so it's sort of like eye and lip color. #notbad.jpg

And this, is the extra item in the box:-
Hand mirror!
Though it's not special but it's very de cute wtf.

So yea that's all about it! Here's the link if you're interested :)
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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Japanese Film Festival - Detective Conan: Private Eye in the Distant Sea 12/9/2013

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Ahkit read from newspaper (newspaper, seriously?) that Japanese Film Festival starts on 12th this month and they have Detective Conan! Then he kept bugging me to watch with him.

See this boy... Purposely wear Conan-printed shirt somemore.
The movie we're gonna watch!
See how excited he is!
We brought sanjie together otherwise she'd be like "BOJIO!" ahaha

Not bad la I've seen worse ^^" I still rather watch downloaded/DVD version.

Teaser: Ran fell into the sea! :p
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Premiere Screening - The Internship 10/9/2013

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This premiere screening is held in TGV 1Utama. Damn far leh. But I wanted to watch so. Lucky still got sanjie :p

Q: Where would be your dream internship and why?

After I've submitted my answer then only realize The Fun Theory was actually a competition held by Volkswagen to encourage people to come up with interesting idea to make the world a better place.

After the movie the first thing I thought: Why didn't Google interviewers "Google" check Billy and Nick's background? Coz they seems to have fake their resume for the interview. *shrug*

Anyway. IT school jiu shi need to have such activities for the final year project! Watch and find out.
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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Preparation for the Japan Trip - Part 1: Flight Tickets!

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I have never travel with friends before.

Now that Jann has went to Japan for her 5-year course, 3 of us been discussing about paying her a visit and at the same time travelling around Osaka. (Kuan sorta ffk us coz she'll go with her bf 有异性没人性啊啊啊... ahaha JK JK )

So we 煞有其事 check out the flight tickets online and these are what we got:

Above: Duration from 20/3/2014 - 4/4/2014, return flights all in = RM1098
Bottom: Duration from 17/4/2014 - 03/4/2013, return flights all in = RM1050
Fares checked on 31/8/2013

Consider cheap ady lor! Other dates return flights shot up to RM2k+ per person leh. But Yin said MATTA Fair is on Saturday 7/9/2013 and suggested we visit the fair first coz we might be able to get cheaper rate. So we waited lor.

Actually that day Malaysia Airlines have cheaper price de! RM999 return flight. But too bad the price is not applicable on our preferred travel dates lor. No choice, we scared that when we come home, the price raise again so we bought from an agent for RM1132: RM1102 is the flight ticket (confirmed seats!) and the RM30 is for their procedural fees.

Now the fares raise up to RM1.6k already :-/

So for the beginner travelers... When you're checking out the fare price, if you think it's cheap, just buy... See ah even though we thought we could get cheaper price from MATTA Fair, we ended up paying another RM30 more zzz. I take it as the "seat confirmation fees" la coz if not mistaken... From my past experience buying ticket from Labuan back home, we have to pay extra to choose the seat we wanted. Fair enough lor.

And there - Both of us also can't believe we've bought the tickets! Now we just have to get Japanese Yen and plan for the itinerary.

To be continued...
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Scariest Dream Ever

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I just had another nightmare. Damn scary you know!!! It's the scariest shit I've ever had wtf scarier than all the horror movies I've ever watch - probably because it's "happening" on me wtf wtf wtf!

Wah I think I need someone to explain the nightmare to me wtf. I've been constantly having it, though not every night... I didn't feel scared until I just had one... And really really scared the shit out of me.

Ok the dream was like this. I dreamt that I get to identify the existence of demon (YES DAMN FUCKING DEMON WTF) from a few phenomenons. In my own room somemore wtf scary anot you say la!

This is the closest image I can get from Google... Just imagine it's without the windows and add a mattress above the bed rack. That's "my room" in my dream wtf...
Erjie if you're reading this, it's easier for you to visualize... Actually it's our room, just visualize it old and empty but only a metal-rack bed we used to sleep on when we were younger.

Previous nights when I had this dream, I was just explaining to people how to identify the existence of demon by checking out a few phenomenons. It wasn't scary yet coz that was still a theory. The one I just had was a bit different. A lady came to stay in my room, and she tried to explain the phenomenon to me (as if I didn't know it enough wtf). Couldn't remember all the phenomenons but one of them is that demon has 2 faces. One is the normal smiling face and another is angry smiling face wtf it sounds silly especially when it was "drawn" on the wall (I have no idea why must it be drawn on the wall wtf) in the dream but I know how scary it will be when it's displayed on a person - that when you see the person's smiling face you'll know the fella is possessed wtf wtf wtf!

Ok so now the lady seems to have done a lot of research (to prove that when the phenomenons are showing, demon is around?) and now she's trying to instill the awareness to everyone, though I'm not sure why particularly me alone in my dream, somemore she did it during late night wtf... So anyhow, when she get to the point that the demon has 2 faces, I told her that I knew it, and told her everything that I knew (which is exactly the same of what she had researched). Then she got angry and mad coz I knew everything yet she had to do so much research to get it proved wtf and then lost her rational wtf wtf and what's worse, I saw some cat-like figure covered by a white cloth moving under her bed I immediately know it's a demon walaowey I also don't know why I knew it! Then I had to calm the lady down wtf IT WAS LIKE HOW THE PRIEST TRYING TO CALM PEOPLE THAT WAS POSSESSED BY DEMON IN THE CONJURING!!!!! I tried to find out what is the moving-cat-like-figure at the same time by pushing it a bit but I was too coward to get the white cloth off it wtf I didn't even dare to touch it... I gave up after 2 tries of stopping it from moving away from under the bed to the other side of the room wtf wtf!

Wah this is the first dream I scared till I jumped up and dare not to go back to sleep wtf I need someone to explain what is the dream trying to convey O_O!
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Sunday, 1 September 2013

988 Premiere Screening - We're The Millers 27/8/2013

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ps: Oops sorry! Left out this entry.
* * *
This morning erjie suddenly messaged me that she has tickets for this movie but she's too busy to go. So I drag Lemon to go with me.

This movie is hilarious! After watching this movie both Lemon and I agreed that it's rare for the movie industry to come up with such nais comedy and we both like Jennifer Aniston very much she made both of us wanted to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.!

Btw the "virgin son" is damn lucky coz he get to make out with a few girls. Check the movie out!
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