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Preparation for the Japan Trip - Part 1: Flight Tickets!

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I have never travel with friends before.

Now that Jann has went to Japan for her 5-year course, 3 of us been discussing about paying her a visit and at the same time travelling around Osaka. (Kuan sorta ffk us coz she'll go with her bf 有异性没人性啊啊啊... ahaha JK JK )

So we 煞有其事 check out the flight tickets online and these are what we got:

Above: Duration from 20/3/2014 - 4/4/2014, return flights all in = RM1098
Bottom: Duration from 17/4/2014 - 03/4/2013, return flights all in = RM1050
Fares checked on 31/8/2013

Consider cheap ady lor! Other dates return flights shot up to RM2k+ per person leh. But Yin said MATTA Fair is on Saturday 7/9/2013 and suggested we visit the fair first coz we might be able to get cheaper rate. So we waited lor.

Actually that day Malaysia Airlines have cheaper price de! RM999 return flight. But too bad the price is not applicable on our preferred travel dates lor. No choice, we scared that when we come home, the price raise again so we bought from an agent for RM1132: RM1102 is the flight ticket (confirmed seats!) and the RM30 is for their procedural fees.

Now the fares raise up to RM1.6k already :-/

So for the beginner travelers... When you're checking out the fare price, if you think it's cheap, just buy... See ah even though we thought we could get cheaper price from MATTA Fair, we ended up paying another RM30 more zzz. I take it as the "seat confirmation fees" la coz if not mistaken... From my past experience buying ticket from Labuan back home, we have to pay extra to choose the seat we wanted. Fair enough lor.

And there - Both of us also can't believe we've bought the tickets! Now we just have to get Japanese Yen and plan for the itinerary.

To be continued...
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