Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Scariest Dream Ever

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I just had another nightmare. Damn scary you know!!! It's the scariest shit I've ever had wtf scarier than all the horror movies I've ever watch - probably because it's "happening" on me wtf wtf wtf!

Wah I think I need someone to explain the nightmare to me wtf. I've been constantly having it, though not every night... I didn't feel scared until I just had one... And really really scared the shit out of me.

Ok the dream was like this. I dreamt that I get to identify the existence of demon (YES DAMN FUCKING DEMON WTF) from a few phenomenons. In my own room somemore wtf scary anot you say la!

This is the closest image I can get from Google... Just imagine it's without the windows and add a mattress above the bed rack. That's "my room" in my dream wtf...
Erjie if you're reading this, it's easier for you to visualize... Actually it's our room, just visualize it old and empty but only a metal-rack bed we used to sleep on when we were younger.

Previous nights when I had this dream, I was just explaining to people how to identify the existence of demon by checking out a few phenomenons. It wasn't scary yet coz that was still a theory. The one I just had was a bit different. A lady came to stay in my room, and she tried to explain the phenomenon to me (as if I didn't know it enough wtf). Couldn't remember all the phenomenons but one of them is that demon has 2 faces. One is the normal smiling face and another is angry smiling face wtf it sounds silly especially when it was "drawn" on the wall (I have no idea why must it be drawn on the wall wtf) in the dream but I know how scary it will be when it's displayed on a person - that when you see the person's smiling face you'll know the fella is possessed wtf wtf wtf!

Ok so now the lady seems to have done a lot of research (to prove that when the phenomenons are showing, demon is around?) and now she's trying to instill the awareness to everyone, though I'm not sure why particularly me alone in my dream, somemore she did it during late night wtf... So anyhow, when she get to the point that the demon has 2 faces, I told her that I knew it, and told her everything that I knew (which is exactly the same of what she had researched). Then she got angry and mad coz I knew everything yet she had to do so much research to get it proved wtf and then lost her rational wtf wtf and what's worse, I saw some cat-like figure covered by a white cloth moving under her bed I immediately know it's a demon walaowey I also don't know why I knew it! Then I had to calm the lady down wtf IT WAS LIKE HOW THE PRIEST TRYING TO CALM PEOPLE THAT WAS POSSESSED BY DEMON IN THE CONJURING!!!!! I tried to find out what is the moving-cat-like-figure at the same time by pushing it a bit but I was too coward to get the white cloth off it wtf I didn't even dare to touch it... I gave up after 2 tries of stopping it from moving away from under the bed to the other side of the room wtf wtf!

Wah this is the first dream I scared till I jumped up and dare not to go back to sleep wtf I need someone to explain what is the dream trying to convey O_O!
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