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Nuffnang & ChurpChurp GSC Horror Fest 26/10/2013

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You know, no one bloody listen to me. I said check firewall, people keep saying "nah no need la this is how it goes blah blah blah". Now I've gotta do second deployment at this ungodly hour. GRRR!

Since I have 2 hours to go, might as well update the blog a bit.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lemme digress first. Last Friday (Before the Horror Fest) I went sing K with my colleague! AT NIGHT! You know what that means? Over overspend!!! I thought I'll eat a lot to compensate but then I thought why must I make myself fatter and then spend more to slim down wtf and then I have to keep on diet because I ate too much in the first place so I thought I'll eat moderately but sing as many songs as I can! XD

I hope my colleagues don't think I kisiao la coz I've been singing a lot of songs they don't know then seems like I've been keeping the mic for myself ahaha. My teammate lagi kisiao! Keep shouting nia. LOL.

Group Photo 1
Group Photo 2

How say also colleague, better respect xia their privacy la. I'm tagged so if you can see from the fb link above, go ahead ba. I was singing Aaron Yan's 纪念日 while taking the photo. Haha! Pro leh? Ahdi got feel proud anot! I sang your hubby's song leh! If only you can hear audio from picture.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Weeks ago, erjie saw this living social deal for hair and asked if I'm interested. I checked and found hey! They do not charge extra for longer hair length! So I've been thinking to dye my hair blue. But that day the hair stylist told me if I dye blue, I've gotta bleach my hair and that's an extra RM180 =( So I rather dye purple.

Me is happy coz long time didn't hang out with erjie ady =D

Her hair color damn nice! I regretted for not choosing light color.
Light brown! Damn nice can!

See mine! Only got that subtle hint of purple. Hmph!
If you can't see that hint of purple, it's either your computer sucks or you're color blind.
OK la I dyed the wrong color. I sucks. #sourgrape

Doesn't show much of the color actually.
Hair coloring + cut + wash + blow, RM130 for 2 pax!!! I get to curl my hair somemore!!! =D
We did it in Secolo Hairdressing in Times Square. Took around 3 hour altogether!

Erjie brought the car back!!! Not back per se la but I drove the car back from Times Square! Fuh it's been long since I drive leh =D

So anyhow it's already 3pm+ when I reached home so I immediately changed and makeup!

GSC Horror Fest here we come! =D

Look alike anot???
Pardon the messy background

I got prop somemore you know!
Alice Madness Return Knife! Made from paper

DIY guide here. Download both! The .pdo file and the software to open it. Siao leh don't know how the fella do it! I did very cacat ahaha. At the end I just let it kemek in my bag and throw away.

Since the event is said to run till 2am, so might as well just drive to 1U! FUH! I very de geng! XD

Full size - C'mon it's Halloween! If you're shocked then good, mission accomplished. XD

Very hard to find the shoes leh... I somemore suspect that pair I wore isn't mine wtf. Took me very long to wear it!

But then again Alice is a game character so no one knows who the F is Alice ahaha. I die die going as Alice because if people can recognize Alice then good la but if cannot then at least I still can walk around in a look-like-very-normal outfit ma

Random pictures:
Halloween brownies... Finished very fast leh!
(Fish)Eye balls
... and so on. XD
Hahaha I'm not a responsible blogger.

Saw a station where we can get fake tattoo! So I dragged sanjie to get one :p

While hovering nearby... I met someone idiotic. *annoyed*

Cilaka: XXX, come here! XXX, come here!

*Walks to the fella*

Me: What did you say?

Cilaka: I say "XXX, come here!" Oh wait, you're not XXX! *laugh*

Where got people so cilaka wan you tell me!

Old story la this. I used to hate being a shadow of a friend. This fella still play such joke! How old ady you?! -_-

Sanjie turned into demon coz she's also pissed!
... Or not.

So! Back to the fake tattoo.
Left: Mine
Right: Sanjie's

Final results!
Sanjie's: Peek-a-BOO!
Mine: unknown rune XD

3 movies in a row! Rigor Mortis (HK), Second Sight (Thai), Insidious Chapter 2.
I watched Insidious Chapter 2 with mami aahhh! Sanjie said wanna watch so I accompany her lor. After all... WE DROVE!!! Muahaha. No need to ask anyone fetch! Happy sia.

Goodie bag!
Free popcorn and drink!
Voodoo dolls! Damn cute <3
Sticky candy!

Rigor Mortis very zadou leh! It's like a combination of sadako and Chinese zombie. WTF.
Second Sight lagi zadou. Haiyah I also lazy wanna comment.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I tell you! 天有不测之风云! 人算不如天算! Hiccups here and there wtf. Gotta need another sleepless night! Now most importantly sleep first! G'night!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

UPDATE 30/10/2013:

Do you know that GSC give out 50 surprise box each for the first 50 customers who purchased 2 horror movie tickets from any of the movies - Rigor Mortis, Second Sight and Carrie? Promo period starts from 26th October - 10th November!

Don't forget to check which is the participating cinemas to avoid disappointment ;)
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Friday, 18 October 2013

Modbox October Edition

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At first I wanna wait till my subscription to Mivva box is ended then only I get some Modbox coz I found that Modbox is by far the CHEAPEST beauty box! I'm not sure if the ability to pick our own sample is good or not coz I like surprise. But also I don't want to get something I don't like (for example... Modbox's first product selection is between a toner and cleanser with a refiner. I rather get the toner ^^") so I guess for me it's okay either way.

Then again I realize Modbox doesn't go by subscription. Last month they had very good samples - one of them is Crabtree & Evelyn's hand cream! I missed it though coz I wanna wait my Mivva subcription to end first. Pffft.

When they announced that they're gonna put up their October samples, I waited eagerly in front of the laptop in my office (while generating some report) and started to browse when 8pm ticks!

Ahhh. Why this month's sample so disappointing geh. =(

Anyhow I saw 1 or 2 samples looks okay so I picked them and checked out.

The crew sent it on Monday and I got it the next day woooh!

Bad-ass Teddie approves Modbox!
Teddy and Puppy saw xiaoxiao bear made to my blog so they wanna be part of this too XD Puppy comes later.

I know everyone gonna get the same but I still wanna go "AWW"
Contents in Box 1

Human Nature Moisturizing Natural Shampoo with Cream Foam 50ml
RM11.90 for 50ml, RM22.90 for 200ml, RM44.90 for 500ml

Ronasutra 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation & Powder 1g
RM48 for 8g
This is the foundation powder I used together with the CC cream gotten from MIVVA beauty box! Erm it could be used without foundation but I don't feel right by just applying the powder itself only. If you read the description, it says that one can even wear this to sleep!

Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner 15ml
RM128 for 180ml
I like this toner! Smells good and it's spray type! COOL!

Contents in Box 2
Yeap I got 2 toners already now coz I dowan the sample from Dermadex.

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream 30ml
I'm not sure what's the smell... But I don't like it =( (YES smell is very important now coz I couldn't stand something smells bad on me wtf) I wish it have some fragrance in it so that I can smell nice while applying it. My hands're okay so I couldn't really see the difference. It's absorbed quite fast too, unlike some cream that will stay sticky/oily after applying. Can't even touch keyboard after that. I think smell is the only downside for this product.
Heel cream smells better than hand cream! WHY!!!
Hand cream-0 | Heel cream-1
I think the hand cream is not available in Malaysia yet leh it doesn't have a price tag on it in Modshop here.

Kneipp Lavender Herbal Body Oil 8ml
RM67 for 100ml

Kneipp Almond Blossom Body Lotion 8ml
RM89 for 200ml

Kneipp Eucalyptus Herbal Bath 10ml
RM67 for 100ml
Once I opened the packet, I smelt the smell immediately! Whoa it was very strong Eucalyptus herbal-like smell! The direction to use is to fill a tub with 97-100 degree Fahrenheit and bath for 15-20mins. I wasn't patience enough wtf I think I just bath for 3 mins or 5 mins top. Already I got the feel that I won't suffer from sinus the next morning! LOL. Btw when I have my own house, Imma install a bath tub inside!

ps: Shit lah I think I've overspent this month. Somemore it's just mid month! OK DON'T JUDGE ME.
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

MIVVA Beauty Box: October Edition - Snow White

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I thought the delivery will be very fast leh like sent on 1st Oct will receive on 3rd Oct liddat. But I received on 7th =(

I realize I've been doing my review wrong. I haven't been include any teddies! LOL. Come lemme introduce today's host!
Yuhoo~! I'm 小小 (Xiao Xiao) Bear! =)
Oooohhh... The oh-so-familiar black box!
This month's theme - Snow White

Content of the box

Erm. Honestly I thought the packaging went wrong. Coz it looks like it still has quite some space. 6 item... only? (Actually I counted twice to make sure there are 6 items wtf) No extra item? July I got pumice stone, August I got a scented pouch, September, last month, I got a hand mirror. But this month no ah? o_o So I waited awhile for other people to put up their review first and see if I really got anything less ahaha #kiasu but turned out other people got the same items too.

Ok I'm relieved and balanced now. XD #kiasumax

Eh to my defense it's perfectly reasonable ma! I spent the same amount of money as other people, takkan they get more things than I do ma right! Ok still #kiasu wtf.

BeautyMate Bird Nest & Lilium Candidum Firming Rejuvenate Nano Mask
RM49.90 for 7pcs
*Another mask* ahaha. Looks like xiaoxiao bear thumbs up in this pic lol. Anyhow I tried and I think it's quite moisturizing la. There're a lot of essence residue after the mask is removed, more than other masks I've used. As for the firming part... I'm not quite sure la coz I believe it has to be used for quite some time then only can decide whether it's working or not ma right. Currently I rather get masks with collagen.

Hydra 24 Cracked Heel Cream
RM23.90 for 50g
I tried on my feet, looks ok la but my feet weren't really dry also. Then I tried on mami's feet I'm not sure coz her heels are dry and she'll always peel the skin from her feet wtf. Before this I let her wear foot masks they works quite ok geh but then occassionally when her feet is dry she'll start scratching and peeling wtf so eventually it's not healed haiz. I supposed this should work geh.

UNICO Pearl Scar Cream
RM198.80 for 15g
I'm not quite sure of this cream. Can it be used like foundation/BB cream? Or is it some sort of concealer? Coz the texture is just like one of them. I don't know what to do I just apply partially on the spots at night. Hope I'm doing it right wtf.

(Note: I tried to apply like foundation once and it seems ok wor. So how? I need help!)

SecretLeaf Argan Hydrating Cleanser
RM21.90 for 95ml
This is full sized!
I like this! Seems like never can have enough cleanser. Smells good too! =D
However... I tried to scan the QR code but it returned the results that "The product is currently not available"? o_O

ONL Ecopure White Balance Skin Toner & Emulsion
Both RM89.90 for 120ml
Another sample in hard bottles! So difficult to get the cream out la so usually I used them up pretty fast so I don't have to face them anymore XD But these smells good!

ONL Oceanic 3D AntiWrinkle Total Solution CC
RM149.90 for 35ml
This CC Cream not bad! I tried on Monday and when I looked into the mirror WHOA I look perfect!

Behold my picture! (The last time I put up my pic someone said it scares her T_T So gotta give some mental preparation before showing my pic wtf)






How how how? :p
Not saying other foundations/BB cream won't do the trick but... This gives me the right feeling ah wtf. But it's still the sticky cream type lar so I still have to put on some powder to make it less sticky.

Interested? Get your MIVVA beauty box here!
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