Tuesday, 1 October 2013

1st Anniversary in New Company!

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Ya ya you already know what's the occasion from the title itself. And mami cooked curry somemore ZOMG mami's curry is the best curry in the world!!!

Damn unbelievable leh! I thought I cannot tahan for 3 months, or 6 months max, coz, that's the period of time when we undergo internship and/or holiday part time job.

This afternoon I went to lunch with ahma and Sophia (she's the kakak who worked in the same company with ahma) coz I've been saying wanna lunch with her but I think during my employment there I lunch with her once nia ^^" #guilty

I had to walk to KLCC to meet up with them. Stupid weather damn hot la people should plant more trees and reduce the use of aircond or use eco-friendly aircond. Otherwise it's just a vicious cycle. When I was there I already sweat like shit. And smelly haiz wtf.

Today I also damn dumb. I asked ahma which food court we shall meet at, she replied "mcd that one" and I saw it as "mbb that one" wtf I almost got lost coz there's no food court near Maybank wtf. I should do somemore experiment to prove that hot weather will make people dumb!

So anyway I found this seat near the window right opposite of the escalator la then they saw me right they came and Sophia just hugged me so tight (AWWW) and my specs literally stick on my eyelids wtf! And she did it despite my sweatiness! #gamdong

And then thanks to the weather I had to walk back to my company with sweat again. -___-

Did I mention mami cooked curry? Die die also come home early if not later everyone finish it then I have nothing left. (No you don't judge me for what I eat!!!) Then my friend told me she's eating Maggie Kari also. But bigger. Maggie Kari BIG. Then I asked her stupid question again #facepalm I asked what's the taste. Damn facepalm lor! She asked me back what's the taste of big pizza and small pizza LOLOLOL it should be the same lar but I said small pizza got bigger crust. Actually make sense leh! The topping also might be lesser. XD She beh tahan me and used another example HAHAHA like what's the difference of a big bottle of coke and a small bottle of coke. NO you asked me pizza question and I gave you my theory ady you save the coke question to others that ask the same question k XD

Btw I tried to buy a 4.8" high heels on Zalora for this special momento (or some sort of reward for don't know what - who cares I'm a girl I love online shopping!) but apparently it's sold out coz the page doesn't exist anymore haiz.

K la done eating curry jor while typing this entry. Gotta go kthxbai.
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