Sunday, 6 October 2013

Bad Story

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I realized that I have no balls. I mean. If only I can be like the blogger I admire, but not everyone can accept their personal arguments to be published online. My friendships are not as solid as those she has =( However... If anyone followed me on imotiv, they'll see the fresh update anyway.

Anyhow. I had schizophrenia again and I'm going to tell a story about Hello Kitty and her friends. Here's the character intro, family and friends and following is the Hello Kitty story I've just made up.

Kitty White and her family lived in Suburban London until one day Kitty decided to go to Japan to get a PhD and become a microbiologist like Bernadette because Bernadette makes plenty of money. But Kitty is weak la she's already suffering coz she couldn't keep up with things and Tippy told her she can stop after completing her Master course (around 2 years). PhD program is the extension of the course and it will take another 3 years to complete.

Joey and Tippy planned to go Japan for a holiday trip and also to visit Kitty coz she's kinda miserable. Kitty was super happy and said she'll provide the accommodation for Joey and Tippy coz staying in Japan is very expensive. So Joey and Tippy bought the flight tickets and started planning for the itinerary already.

One day, Kitty asked Tippy what's the date they'll visit her. Tippy told her they'll go during sakura blossoms. Kitty was sad coz Papa Kitty and Mama Kitty wanted to see sakura blossoms too. Now since Kitty said Papa and Mama wanted to visit her, I assumed that they'll be staying with Kitty while Joey and Tippy will have to find some cheap hostel to stay during that period. However when Tippy told Joey, Joey asked whether they can ask Papa and Mama Kitty NOT TO go during the period they travel to Japan!

Tippy was shocked and I also shocked. Logically, when your friend's parents visit her, you as a guest will need to show your way out and let them stay together ma right??!! Somemore you look at Papa and Mama Kitty! They look so 慈祥! How can anyone separate them with their beloved daughter! Walaowey! Joey said he didn't wanna spend extra on accommodation PLUS Kitty promised to let them stay with her, and if they haven't buy flight tickets, they (actually just Joey) will cancel the trip instead.

Walaowey I cannot brain lorh. Then Kitty said she probly have to work harder so she will be able to do her PhD so that her parents can go Japan and stay with her and see sakura the next year.


Sorry ah I also beh tahan my another self. OK lemme twist the story ending a little. Papa Kitty and Mama Kitty will only visit Kitty RIGHT AFTER Joey and Tippy are going back so YAY Kitty doesn't have to stay for PhD if she didn't want to. Happy ending lah! =)

Btw, Jodie said although sakura blossoms in the month of March-April, the time they blossoms are different in different places. Like the more northern it goes the earlier the flower blossoms.
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