Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I'm Feeling Better =)

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So I went to sing K with Kuan last Saturday at LoudSpeaker. (#soulmate: Kuan finally pou tau jor?!) Super happy! My voice was harsh and out of tune it made Kuan sang 10x better than me. Usually just 5x better. But I didn't care

After sing k, she said she gotta buy something so we went to Jusco Cheras Selatan and I saw this very cute Rilakkuma keyboard sticker!

This is after I put them on my keyboard:
Love my keyboard max after sticking them up =) Too bad it's not made for laptop keyboard. Some of the stickers doesn't fit, either too long or too big. tsk. At first I thought "don't care lah just stick on the keys no matter what's their size" but apparently I was wrong coz if the sticker is bigger than the keys, it will stick on the board and forever stay down like how you press and hold wtf. Luckily I tried on "Shift" key only and it comes off easily. Can't say the same to other keys though coz they're smaller in size and I might have to scratch them out real hard when I wanna replace them with something cuter.

That same Saturday I helped Kuan with her C++ too! Felt superior wahaha. Not that she's not good la. She studied E&E (something Electrical Engineering I can't remember the name) de leh! So much more advance than me! Anyway I told another friend about it. Then she said if she knows C++ she'll go US and write Windows OS. Wah sounds very good career leap leh. I shall spend time sharpen my C++ jor XD

On the other hand, my sis said her bf's brother told her that I made quite a name in the office (thanks to her bf's brother. A bit about him later). She said everyone recognizes me as "the girl who hug bear bear during work" coz apparently only I do that in the office ahaha. So anyone wanna look for anyone and they needed a direction, they probly just said "near the pantry door, you'll see a girl who always hug a bear bear during work. Then from there bla bla bla..." hehehe. Good la! I told people I love teddy bear during staff meeting and I didn't get any teddies during my birthday so sad. At least now people known me as "the girl who hug bear bear" I'm happier lol.

That makes me I think the boss should pay me more coz I sat at the place where everyone will see me when they go to the pantry. Especially when boss show clients around, they'll see me first! So I should be paid for carrying "company's reputation" like front desk LOL. Except that I don't answer calls or receive parcels. ^^

Speaking about my sis's bf's brother. Nobody knows he applied a job in the company I worked in! Geez. He should have submit his resume to me so I can pass it to HR and then I can earn the reference fee lol. But then again I didn't like to work with someone related to the family which is why I never introduce anyone to the company and he proves that I should stand on my point. See what happened after he came in? My sis knows EVERYTHING about me (and the company)! And I know nothing about her! Dammit. Like under surveillance liddat. Lucky we're not in the same team, if not later he tell my sis "eh your sister tak boleh lah. I asked her the project how she said cannot work. I'm not sure if she can meet the timeline." then my sis stop thinking I'm good how? LOL. Kidding la. I always submit ahead scheduled timeline k! Paiseh my schizophrenia act up again.

Btw, I received my Mivva beauty box already! ♥ More about it in another individual entry. Kthxbai!
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