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Modbox October Edition

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At first I wanna wait till my subscription to Mivva box is ended then only I get some Modbox coz I found that Modbox is by far the CHEAPEST beauty box! I'm not sure if the ability to pick our own sample is good or not coz I like surprise. But also I don't want to get something I don't like (for example... Modbox's first product selection is between a toner and cleanser with a refiner. I rather get the toner ^^") so I guess for me it's okay either way.

Then again I realize Modbox doesn't go by subscription. Last month they had very good samples - one of them is Crabtree & Evelyn's hand cream! I missed it though coz I wanna wait my Mivva subcription to end first. Pffft.

When they announced that they're gonna put up their October samples, I waited eagerly in front of the laptop in my office (while generating some report) and started to browse when 8pm ticks!

Ahhh. Why this month's sample so disappointing geh. =(

Anyhow I saw 1 or 2 samples looks okay so I picked them and checked out.

The crew sent it on Monday and I got it the next day woooh!

Bad-ass Teddie approves Modbox!
Teddy and Puppy saw xiaoxiao bear made to my blog so they wanna be part of this too XD Puppy comes later.

I know everyone gonna get the same but I still wanna go "AWW"
Contents in Box 1

Human Nature Moisturizing Natural Shampoo with Cream Foam 50ml
RM11.90 for 50ml, RM22.90 for 200ml, RM44.90 for 500ml

Ronasutra 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation & Powder 1g
RM48 for 8g
This is the foundation powder I used together with the CC cream gotten from MIVVA beauty box! Erm it could be used without foundation but I don't feel right by just applying the powder itself only. If you read the description, it says that one can even wear this to sleep!

Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner 15ml
RM128 for 180ml
I like this toner! Smells good and it's spray type! COOL!

Contents in Box 2
Yeap I got 2 toners already now coz I dowan the sample from Dermadex.

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream 30ml
I'm not sure what's the smell... But I don't like it =( (YES smell is very important now coz I couldn't stand something smells bad on me wtf) I wish it have some fragrance in it so that I can smell nice while applying it. My hands're okay so I couldn't really see the difference. It's absorbed quite fast too, unlike some cream that will stay sticky/oily after applying. Can't even touch keyboard after that. I think smell is the only downside for this product.
Heel cream smells better than hand cream! WHY!!!
Hand cream-0 | Heel cream-1
I think the hand cream is not available in Malaysia yet leh it doesn't have a price tag on it in Modshop here.

Kneipp Lavender Herbal Body Oil 8ml
RM67 for 100ml

Kneipp Almond Blossom Body Lotion 8ml
RM89 for 200ml

Kneipp Eucalyptus Herbal Bath 10ml
RM67 for 100ml
Once I opened the packet, I smelt the smell immediately! Whoa it was very strong Eucalyptus herbal-like smell! The direction to use is to fill a tub with 97-100 degree Fahrenheit and bath for 15-20mins. I wasn't patience enough wtf I think I just bath for 3 mins or 5 mins top. Already I got the feel that I won't suffer from sinus the next morning! LOL. Btw when I have my own house, Imma install a bath tub inside!

ps: Shit lah I think I've overspent this month. Somemore it's just mid month! OK DON'T JUDGE ME.
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