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Premiere Screening - Sadako 2 10/10/2013

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Not sure if it's a good birthday celebration coz I brought sanjie for this horror movie premiere screening LOL.

From Cinema Online! ^^

When we reached TGV 1Utama, we saw these props around prepared! First - SADAKO

Do you know that TGV has a contest, that if you snap a picture with Sadako and tag @tgvcinemas on Instagram, you'll stand a chance to win passes to catch the movie?

Here's my entry!

And then I realized everyone also did the same pose. -_____-

Nevermind. Now lets see - Insidious Chapter 2!
Oh I wonder what's behind this door?
Erjie terkejut when she scrolled down the instagram and see what I posted XD
Looks fake but still very scary
And the dead bride

All pictures taken by sanjie! She damn brave. I was still scared that it'll suddenly come to life and grab my hand wtf I definitely will not be able to move and at the same time wet my pants honestly.

Very sian la the crew didn't manage the time well. The premiere screening was supposed to start at 9pm but then it's postponed to 9.30pm coz they said "the trailers in previous screening was a bit long" and by the time it's finished the crew need to clean up the cinema so it's delayed for another 10-20 minutes.

Ok so about the movie. I suggest you watch Sadako 1 first because I didn't and I was very blur. Not quite sure what the story was about. And I felt it's stupid. I shall download Sadako 1 and watch so that I can understand the whole thing.

FYI it has a good ending.

Anyhow I still have to say it has quite some scary scenes so those who has weak heart and pregnant ladies PLEASE take care of yourself.
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