Monday, 7 October 2013

Some Things I Don't Understand :-/

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All the comments that saying I'm fat really makes me sian. Especially some friends/relatives said I'm not healthy because of my size. Though I'm somewhat happy that some people said I'll look pretty AFTER I slim down. Pffft, superficial human. Not that I'm not superficial, but.

FUCK la. Big size jiu shi not healthy de meh?! My friend who's skinny got gastric! Never see anyone say my friend is not healthy also!

I've been chatting it with some friends that is also suffering from the comments except that she didn't receive these comments from other people than herself. WTF.

So this is her actual theory.
Body eat because need energy. Fat is stored for energy. Fuck, if a person is fat then means enough energy la. Then still hungry for what? Imagine that we only eat when we need to. Then there'll be less killing, and the world will be a better place. More live stocks, more cows. Dammit more sharks too!

Ok. Since eat meat will get fat. Fine, eat vege. But FUCK! Why eat rice and potatoes also will get fat!

Even machines have better design. They only charge when needed.

Wah-lau-eh. Sibeh legit I tell you.

Much later days, we talked about why does human eat and get fat so fast again. Then this is my theory.
In the ancient times, human need to hunt for food. So in order to fight with those fierce beasts, they need a lot of energy. So they need to eat a lot. BUT dammit! Human forgot to evolve. Even giraffe evolved to have long neck in order to reach the fruits on the tall trees. After human invented so many things - cars, escalators/lifts, etc etc to ease human's life, we don't need to have that much energy anymore. Probly new technologies are introduced in a very fast pace that human unable to evolve in time! That's why our stomach capacity remains the same, which is why human easily become fatter and fatter!

But then again I want to stress that human is superficial. We make friends with pretty/good-looking people than the opposites, then only we started to dig the personality and decide whether we should continue to befriend the person. I think this might be caused by the ancient human again, which they only look at appearance because words were not invented and human only mate to have offsprings. And then this habit has got into human's gene, that we only look at people's appearance when we're looking for friends. Pffft.

Still, beauty it's just a trend! You see ah during the ancient China, FAT = BEAUTIFUL. Women eat until sibeh fat coz they think fat women will be able to give birth easily and will have enough nutrients in their milk to provide to the baby. And then after some time had passed, women decided that they wanted to be independent. So they stop being fat and went to skinny instead. Skinny was beautiful. At that moment.

Now people start saying FIT is BEAUTY. Then they go to all sorts of gym and do all sorts of exercise whatever that made them *think* they're fit.

And then recently there's a new trend - the youngsters want to have thigh gap, and then girls started to diet like crazy so that they got the gap between the thighs when their knees are touched together when they stand straight.

I think media should take a big part of responsibility too! I went to my friend's house once and we watched the TV ad. It's some slimming center trying to broadcast a customer's testimonial. It was nothing until the customer's bf made a testimonial too and this was what he said:"You're prettier and I love you more." WHAT THE FUCK! Cisin ah! So fucking superficial la this fella. *show middle finger*

Haiyah. Might as well just kill me lah =( I've never been able to get updated with these trends also. My friend said when she die she'll tell God his Human Architect is flawed and He should chase him to hell coz he made women suffered from low self-confidence due to their appearance and instead let my friend take over the job.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ahh well. Just a normal daily rant. It's late and thinking about my body size made me sad and my bad self surfaced. Going to bed now. Kthxbai.

ps: I think I need a dreamcatcher. Last month I had 2 nightmares! 3 actually but only 2 managed to wake me up from my sleep. Ugh. Hope they're not signs that I'm gonna have split personality. I think I already have 2. Sleep tight cuppycakes.
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