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Special Screening: Insidious Chapter 2 14/10/2013

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Hooray! I've been chosen for Cinema Online Invitation - "INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2" Preview Screening (Week 13)! Be jelly ba all of you! I don't have to do anything to get the tickets! ^^

I brought mami along coz it was in Tropicana City Mall WHY LA IT HAS TO BE SO FAR!

The movie wasn't very nice also. From James Wan! Though I didn't think The Conjuring was superb also la but at least should be about that ma. But not scary leh! Kan cheong got la.

Turned out it was some psycho mother who wanted a daughter so badly she tried to turn her son into a girl and made him do everything a girl do, ie wears dress, play with dolls (very girlish that type), and even gave him a girl's name. Then the boy also like traumatized liddat follow his mom's direction and killed 15 girls in an old woman's black wedding suit wtf and he castrated himself at last and jump off from the hospital building.

And he wanted to relive his childhood that's why he wanted the little boy.

But I don't know why he killed 15 girls! It mentioned some sort of ritual (if not mistaken?) but then I still don't know what for. Maybe he siao ady.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday sian sian dei was chatting with a friend on Skype checking out movies that we haven't watch and then ended up watching 2 trailers of zombie movies.

Warning: Trailers contains unsettling scene.

Trailer 1: The Colony

Trailer 2: The Prototype

Me: If zombie apocalypse ever happen I will die first.

Friend: Ya. You look yummy.

When I was in Uni, I used to go jogging with my friends. But I was (and still am) a fat ass and I get tired very easily so I jogged for like, 1 minute? Then I got all tired and started to walk instead of jog. My friend tried to motivate me and suggested something that worked for her: Visualize a wild hungry beast chasing behind me so I won't stop for a break. (The mother in Atashin'chi used this method too and she visualized an elephant. I tried to google for that episode but couldn't!)

So I tried that method once. When I was about to give up I visualized an elephant chasing behind me. Tiger. Lion. A car trying to run over me??? NOPE nothing worked. I gave up very easily and thought "screw it die jao die la" wtf.

So in conclusion, if zombie apocalypse ever strike, I will die very fast, if not first. If I kena bite also I think I'll be very slow in movement coz I'm still a fat ass when I turn to a zombie so no worries you can run away easily I won't be able to catch up.

Friend: But surviving need not to be running wan ma.

Me: Yes leh when a bunch of blood thirst hungry zombies chasing behind you then ma have to run lor. Unless you found a big tank can run over all of them sekaligus la.

Friend: Chop them lor

Me: Ip Man meh can beat 10 by ownself. Somemore zombies won't die!

*After awhile*

Friend: Maybe you get locked in a room, then 7 days no eat, come out become like erjie.

(Secretly thinks why it always have to lead to my weight/body shape!!! Although I've been thinking the same as well. Sigh)

Me: By that time no one cares whether I fat anot ady!!!

Eh if you're my friend, please shoot me between my eyes and/or chop my head off right after I zombified ok. Better end my life immediately than feeling miserable forever afterwards. Although I doubt that zombies have feelings.

Nah! Here's a bonus for you for finishing my crap:

I wanted to download it but I can't in YYeTs coz the word 磁 is grey in color which means not available for downloads. Friend suggested me to download in The Pirate Bay but I think I'm doing it wrongly coz I kept downloaded the plugins instead of the movie wtf.

Nevermind. It's late night and later at 11am I'm going to sing k with sanjie! Somemore bring along mami! See I so filial I even bring along mami to join youngsters activities! Ok sweet dreams (after watching all the horror movies trailers)! Muacks!!!
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