Saturday, 30 November 2013

Update of My Broken Chin

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Warning: You'll be seeing my stitches so be mentally prepared.

Story of why/how it happened can be read here.

I was napping when suddenly a friend called then I answered out of reflex wtf. I totally forgot to put my phone on silent coz, no one actually called or texted me during normal days, let alone nights.

It's too late for a nap anyway wtf. I overslept >< Argh thanks for waking me otherwise I'd just sleep all the way till morning.

So I was asked about my chin. Then I realize, I haven't update my chin condition! So here it is.

On 15th, I went back to the clinic and get my dressings changed after my work. Then the nurse had a small talk with me.

Nurse: Why you come at this time?

Me: Coz I've got work.

Nurse: You didn't take MC? How come you didn't take MC?

Me: I got! The doctor gave me 2 days only. I was hurt on Wednesday, so the MC was Wednesday, and yesterday.

Nurse: Oh! You can extend your MC you know.


Nurse: Yeah, you can MC for 7 days you know, you've got stitches! Maximum 7 days.

Me: I didn't know!

Nurse: Yeah you can come back and get your MC extended actually. (Trying to ask why I didn't extend my MC again) Oh ya you didn't know.

Walaowey! Yuan lai got stitches can take MC for 7 days ga! Didn't know that!!!

The nurse asked me if I wanna extend my MC but ugh nevermind lah I don't work on weekends also. Somemore MC for a stitched chin like making it a big deal wtf. But very sian one ah! Changed my dressing only also charge me RM15! >:(

Nah this is before I remove the stitches!

I had to ownself buy the waterproof dressings to get changed every 2 days. Hello doctor, if you gonna charge me that much, at least gimme better dressings can?
At least something like this la! One pack is like RM12 only from Watson. Better than the gauze and paper tape wtf coz I have to ownself make a plastic cover somemore to prevent my wound from getting wet everytime I bath.

That night gotta celebrate Kuan's birthday somemore.
Me no pretty liao =(

The nurse said I can remove the stitches after 7 days so I went to the clinic on 23rd thinking it's ok for going 1 day later (coz 7 days after 15th is 22nd) but the doctor said I should go on 20th wtf so they start counting on the day I got my stitches ah!

I've gotta wait again coz the doctor went out for breakfast wtf. I thought 24-hour clinic should have other doctors!

Lemme tell you how I felt when the stitches were being removed.

VERY PAIN CAN! The doctor just pull and cut the strings wtf OUCH!!! T___T Then kena pay RM30 for that.


So my advice is, if you can, study medical. If I do my studies properly, I could've been a doctor right now and earning so much already. If I hate you I can make things rough for you too, ie being rough when removing stitches for you! T___T

And then - JENG JENG JENG... I removed the bandaid on Monday and I FINALLY CAN WASH MY FACE!!!

For the past weeks I can only use wet tissues to clean wtf coz it cannot touch water.
See got scar liao ='(

Anyway the pharmacist in Watson KLCC told me I don't have to put on anything yet la coz I'm still young ma so just wait the scar to vanish can ady.

Ps: Another lesson - REMEMBER to remember your panel clinic coz if you go to non-panel clinics, you might not be able to claim it - Like me! UGH FML!!!

Pps: No one in my team realized I've removed my dressings wtf.
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